How To Stretch Your Hip Flexors The Easy Way?

Did you know that a tightened or strained Hip Flexors can cause lots of complications for us? This post is on how to stretch your hip flexors the easy way?

Location of Psoas muscles
Hip Flexors Position
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Here we will walk you through the symptoms caused by the incorrect Hip Flexors, what is Psoas muscles and Hip Flexors muscles, what are the exercises and difficulties you will encounter which we can do to loosen the muscles and lastly if needed a process where you can purchase instructions on how to go about this the easy way.

Some Symptoms Of Tight Hip Flexors?

First, how do the Hip Flexors muscles get tightened? If you are a sportsman or a person who does things to stress the body, then the muscles will be tight and cause the following problems. And this happens to anyone of any age and both genders. Hiking is one excellent example of tightening the hip flexors. I bet you have noticed a person with one hand pressing the back in pain while trying to walk. This is because of the tightened muscles.

Examples of complications are nagging joint pains in the back, hips, knees, and legs, walking with discomfort difficult to explain, bad posture anywhere from head to toe, having trouble sleeping, high anxiety, digestive problems, circulation issues, loss of sexual performance or interest, lack of extra performance in sports which you previously had.

You can also stress these muscles if you spend most in a seated position, especially those having a desk job or while driving for a long time. Did you realize that those who frequently sit down have a bulging stomach, back pain, and weak sex drive?

Most people do not realize that most of these problems are because of the tight Hip Flexors and physicians often treat other factors. They do not solve the root cause.

What is Hip Flexors?

The Psoas muscles, which are part of the Hip Flexors, hidden survival muscles behind the digestive system and the intestines. This is the only muscle that connects the upper body to the lower body. So it is one of the most vital muscles in our body system.

These are the muscles that are the engine through which our body moves, controls balance, and enables us to sit, stand, twist, reach the bend and many others. The muscles originate from the lumbar vertebrae (spine) and form a strip of muscles on both sides of the spine leading to the pubic bone and the femur bones. It also involves the diaphragm with these muscles.

It is vital that the muscles are in a balanced state or else the above symptoms are felt. It affects our posture and helps stabilise the spine, lower back, pelvis, and hips.

The Psoas with the other muscles forms the Hip Flexors (contractors) to provide complete body coordination.

Here is a video that helps explain the location of the hip flexors and all the related muscles. It helps you understand why the muscles’ tightness will cause back pain and how slip-disc occurs. You will realize why so many people are having back pain and why it so important to exercise the hip flexors.

Location of the hip flexors and related muscles

How Do We Correct The Hip Flexors?

The natural way of correcting the Hip Flexors Muscle is always to move, walkabout, and do things that stretch your front and back muscles around your hips. Again, overstretching and doing it wrong will do more harm than actual good.

One reason you need to stretch and warm-up before any sports is to get the Hip Flexors in order before actual physical activities. But believe us, the stretchers which they teach us to do before a sport is not enough. Actually, there is a sequence of steps taken to reach this hard to get Hip flexors, as it is deeply hidden inside and protected by other muscles.

Various Yoga poses
Various Yoga poses

And one of the safest exercises today to counter all these problems is regular yoga. Yoga is one form of exercise to work out all the total muscles in our body. Even swimming is pleasant for back pains.

But the only problem with Yoga is you need to have the interest and the time to regularly work on this. It would help if you found a qualified guru and a centre near you, who is well versed in actual yoga. There are lots of fake yoga guru instructors going around for commercial purposes. Not to mention the membership fees you got to pay.

Also, you can find lots of stretching exercises when you Google for this topic. YouTube got lots of examples and guides on how to go about exercising. There are so many guides, and you will not know which is the right one. Picking the right one is one headache, and doing it correctly is another. You might try it for a while and give up and learn to live with the problems you have.

The elliptical, rowing machines, exercise bikes, multi-station home gym, and other forms will help you in most muscles. You see yourself getting in shape when you work on them, but you need to have additional workouts to target all these ‘unknown’ muscles.

Did you know that there are various kinds of exercises to be totally fit? They categorize some exercises on,

Endurance – aerobic exercises where you breathe heavily, for example, running, doing aerobics, swimming and more.

Strength exercises – This is where you go to the Gym to build targeted muscles, doing push-ups, hiking, etc.

Balance– Exercise which gets you to stay in balance and totally bodywork in coordination.

Exercises to stay flexible – Able to bend, move easily and smoothly. Being flexible.

So the topic on Hip Flexors goes with Balance and Exercises to stay flexible. Most healthy people work on two or more of these exercises to remain perfect in all factions of life.

Below is a video on one exercise for Hip Flexor, there are many, and some are difficult to do and boring after some time. Do THIS Before You Squat

Exercise For Hip Mobility

Loosening the Hip Flexors the easy way by Rick Kaselj

Sequential Flow Method by Rick Kaselj, MS, a leading Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist who has come out with the latest training programs to help lots of people with problems. Even fitness professionals seek his advice on how to go about treating their clients with chronic problems.

One program, the Sequential Flow Method, helps people exercise the Psoas and the other muscles in the right way. It not only explains how the techniques are but how to do it in a step-by-step flow sequence to get to these vital muscles, unlock the hip flexors and get all the benefits out of it.

The exercises shown are quickly done with clear and instructional videos and pictures. Anyone can easily do it, and best of all at the comfort of your home with no one watching. You will be amazed by the results seen in a concise while. The best part is educational and fun, and you can even teach it to someone you care about.

Who knows, you can be a specialist instructor on this topic or add to other knowledge you already have to help people have a better life.

His method has helped solve the discomfort which people had and helped athletes excel and do more in their chosen sports.

Try out this program for results you have not seen before.

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In Conclusion

All of us go through some discomfort in life, and the action we take is to go to the doctor.  The best the doctor can do is refer you to the right specialist or give you some painkillers. At the specialist, you may go through all the scans and checks and end up could not find any problems with you. Not only the root problem solved, but you may spend money doing all these checks.

Just try out the program, and you have nothing to lose, just a little money and some reading and exercises to try out. You will see the changes in you for the better. Just do the exercises without fail and a new you will develop.

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