BlazePod Flash Reflex and Reaction Training LED Light Pods

BlazePod Flash Fitness Training Pods – Therapy to Improve Reflexes and Reaction Time

The article is about therapy to improve reflexes and reaction times by using the BlazePod Flash Reflex and Reaction Training LED Light Pods.

There are times when we need to react and respond quickly in a variety of situations, such as when you need to get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle, when you need to react faster to a choking baby, or when you need to run faster away from a fire.

Or maybe you are a sportsman and want to improve during physical training and workouts to increase your speed, agility, and endurance, or maybe you are a coach of some major sports and you would like to be ahead of the competition and want your students to be ahead, then you need BlazePod Flash Reflex and Reaction Training LED Light Pods.

Who Else Can Benefit From BlazePod Flash?

I believe that the Blazepod Flash can also help those with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Even a person with a brain injury or those with slow mental growth can make rapid progress with the help of the Pods.

A child can have faster mental development, not only in their thinking process, but they can also progress in sports at an early age. A good simulator for speed and agility, and most importantly, it will be fun.

What are BlazePod Flash Reflex and Reaction Training LED Light Pods?

BlazePod Flash Reflex and Reaction Training LED Light Pods are the perfect tool for training your brain to react faster to emergency situations. They are just pots with lights, so you need to be quick to respond. It helps to improve your brain coordination with limps and etc.

The pods don’t require any additional equipment or special skills to use. The pods are completely safe and are FDA approved and results-orientated.

The pods are designed to work best when used in training drills and exercises. Challenge your response time, agility, strength, decision-making skills, and focus with a variety of sports and activities to pick from.

How is The Flash Reflex and Reaction Training Led Light Pod Used?

In a short summary, the pods are placed anywhere on the floor, punching bag, or anywhere you wish to place them according to what you like to improve on.

The pods will light up, controlled by the app, and by touching the lights, the signals are sent to the handphone for the performance report. The challenge will be to improve further on the results obtained. This creates a training experience like no other, pushing you to new limits.

Everything from which pods to light up, what color, the speed, and recording are all controlled by the app downloaded to the phone. You can set a drill within seconds and use your imagination to decide what is best for development.

You can take complete control of your PODS to meet your performance goals. Customize your activities with our easy-to-select light logic through the app. It creates endless motivating random visual cue solutions. Improve your training to meet your specific training goals.

Where Can I Use The Blazepod?

The Blazepod app is downloaded to your smartphone, and it communicates with the colored pots via Bluetooth. You can take the pods anywhere you wish; the gym, office, home, outdoors, as the pods are light and durable.

There is easy access to a variety of predefined activities for each sport and fitness goal. Lots of easy-to-follow instructions and demo videos. 

The pods placed on the punching bag are designed to even take the leg beatings during MMA practices too. They can handle high-impact hits, are UV protected, and water-resistant.

You can train with the Pods using your hands, feet, boxing gloves, and more. So imagine the possibilities of placing them anywhere you want the challenge to work on.

By watching your progress down to the millisecond, you can react faster and perform better in real time.

PROS Of Blazepod Flash

  • Suitable for all sports, from amateurs to pros, this will undoubtedly improve your performance.
  • Set them up at the gym, on the track, or at home for your workouts.
  • Color-code different activities or assign each athlete a different color.
  • It is easily transportable, with a hard-shell charging case.
  • The pods are UV-protected and water-resistant and can withstand high-impact strikes.
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge.

CONS Of Blazepod Flash

  • The range of Bluetooth connection to your phone is limited to 131 feet (40 meters).
  • The app offers a huge selection of programs for all types of athletes, but this can be overwhelming to the user in the beginning.

Final Thoughts

No matter what activities you intend to improve on, the Blazepod will deliver the results.

You will improve your reaction time, fitness level, speed, and agility, and coaches, gyms, sports facilities, and individual athlete workouts will definitely find them very useful.

You have nothing to lose but so much to gain if you are serious about getting to the next level.

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