What Is An Activity Tracker

What Is An Activity Tracker Or Fitness Tracker?

What is an activity tracker? Or what is a fitness tracker? These are the two most popular questions searched in Google when someone looks at health monitoring. As long as you have frequent activities in your daily life, you will be fit.

Activity Tracker Watch Cover Image
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So we also know an activity tracker is also a fitness tracker.

So what are these gadgets? The same as how phones which were only used to make phone calls evolved into hand phones, the watches which we used to look at time have evolved into a small computer where you can do various things and monitor them. 

You can use the tracker to monitor yourself while working out on your Gym Equipment.

Some of these gadgets are wearable on the wrist, arms or even strapped on to the chest. What it does is it reads your body pulses and converts them to data that is transmitted to a computer or a smartphone for data retention.

For example, for easy understanding, these wearables can monitor your daily activities like how long you were active during the day, what your sleeping pattern was, your highest heartbeat for that day and much more.

Just like a smartphone, which can do many wonderful things today, the trackers have many features too. 

And the future of it is so imaginable that maybe one day it may even measure your glucose level. Diabetic people will find this relieving instead of pricking themselves to get the glucose level reading. 

Just a thought and it may be possible or it may be already in the market which I am not aware of.

These gadgets are so useful today that they are almost a must-have, especially for those who are health-conscious or those having health problems. It can tell you how many calories you have burned and how much nutritional food you have taken.

With technology advancements, come sensitive wearable sensors that can detect abnormal conditions in a person, continuous monitoring of a patient without having to be in a hospital or going to one, brain activities, heart abnormalities, muscle activities which are all medical-related. Healthcare care brought to the home.

At the time of writing this article, even if there is one, doctors can use it to monitor all statistics on the coronavirus (Covid-19) patients. All the valuable data is monitored and tracked.

Even in sports, many tests done inside the laboratory on an athlete are done with these wearable sensors while they are working out. Those days, every detail was manually recorded on spreadsheets and others, but today it is more accurate. This is how technology is helping sportsmen to beat records each time.

These gadgets can help provide valuable information and a little “kick” whenever we want to lose weight, build muscles, or push ourselves to do high-intensity workouts. The possibilities are limitless.

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What Is the Best Activity Tracker?

Fitness Tracker on activities

If you Google fitness trackers, the number of blogs and articles which pop up are many. You may or may not understand all of them, but to get the right one for you will be a challenge.

There is no such thing as the best tracker for anyone. There are so many manufacturers and brands that you will not know where to look. They made it further complicated by further breaking down into smartwatches, activity trackers and fitness watches.

Below is a simple basic difference between the three

  • Smartwatch – Mainly used for reading emails and answering calls. But like smartphones, it can download apps and monitor activities.
  • Activity Trackers – used to track your daily activities whereby the data is collected, transmitted, or downloaded to a computer for analysis.
  • Fitness or Sports Watch: Designed for sports activities, it monitors heartbeat and blood pressure readings, allowing you to track your progress and push yourself further.

But some brands incorporate some features into one. You might pay more for it.

The trackers come in many shapes and sizes, including jewelry bracelets shaped like rings worn on fingers to entice everyone to use them. Even they have trackers for kids and animals.

Everyone wants something different, from the brand to the type, features, and many more decisive factors that will make it a difficult choice to make. Decide what you want.

The best way of making a choice is, I present the best ones to you in an easy-to-understand presentation, read and understand and then decide. This way, at least you have narrowed down which activity tracker does what and if the features are the ones you are looking for. Or needed.

A person who is looking to monitor a heartbeat may differ from the ones who just want to look at activities done for the day. And today’s trackers have much more features than you need. And these added features, like GPS, or others, may cost extra.

Why Use An Activity Tracker?

Fitness Tracker- Monitoring the diet

There are corporate companies that use trackers on their employees to ensure they follow a healthy lifestyle. This is a kind of win-win situation for the companies and the employees alike. The employees stay healthy, with no sick leave, and the companies gain by having reduced medical claims.

Did you know that when you are with a pet, your heartbeat is slower by a few beats? We get these statistics only if you have a tracker on you. You will be aware of which activities or jobs excite you and which do not. So when you get angry what is your reading?

Having numbers in front of you will get you to improve in all aspects of your life. It motivates you to be better and progress further, monitors your sleep pattern and understands why some days you don’t sleep so well, warning signals given if your heartbeat or your blood pressure crosses a certain limit and much more.

In short, there is an activity tracker for everyone, from adults to children, a special task force, the medical field, etc.

How Do Trackers Help?


Just imagine that you would like a personal coach to train you in the activity you delve into. You want to excel and push yourself to produce results.

Rather than having or hiring a physical trainer, you can download apps, both free and paid, and have them beside you teaching you exactly what to do.At least you know you are doing things correctly and on target towards your goal.

From the time you wake up, during workouts, and deciding what to eat, how many calories you have burned is repeatedly put out to you until you go to sleep. It even monitors how you sleep to help you with your self-analysis.

The scenario described above is only one example; there are numerous other monitoring and statistics apps in development and available for download.

Trying out new patterns in our daily life is another workout for our wellbeing and happiness.

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In Summary

Everything we do today is going towards electronics and the internet. It is the way of improving our lives and wellbeing.

Some groups are staying away from these trackers, groups which are changing their beliefs and go digital and also the die-hard fans of these trackers.

The benefits of the trackers are there, but the needs are not felt by many people yet. I know it is a little difficult to have something measuring you all the time, but this thought will be off once you get the hang of it.

The number of manufacturers and brands which are coming into the market is ever increasing, thus showing that we will not go back to the old ways of tracking things. We are always looking at things to simplify our lives.

Same as having a watch on your wrist, these trackers will soon be on everyone’s hand.

This article contains Affiliate Links. If you purchase anything after clicking an Affiliate Link, I may receive some compensation, with no additional cost to you. Read more here.