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Marcy Olympic Weight Bench (MD-857) Review

With the Olympic Weight Bench by Marcy (MD-857), you won’t have to leave the growth of underworked muscle parts to chance with the Olympic Surge Bench and club-style akimbo uprights.

Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857
Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857

The Marcy Olympic weight bench is a bench that offers a wider range of lower and upper body exercise options at an affordable price. If you’re looking for an affordable weight bench, then the Marcy bench MD-857 might just be the bench for you.

Marcy’s Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench is perfect for athletes training for any major Games across the world.

Total arm workouts are made simple and effective with an adjustable arm curl support pad and bar. The seat and back pad move along a sliding track, putting you in the perfect positions for military and chest press workouts, keeping you safe and increasing the value of the workout.

Using the four back pad placements allows you to target your pec training.

This bench includes two bar catches on the back of the frame, allowing you to execute squats (an activity commonly relegated to large fitness centers now in your own workout room). The contoured roller pads and dual-function leg developer get your legs engaged as well.


Item Weight103 Pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH83 x 47 x 61 inches
StyleOlympic Weight Bench
Weight Capacity600 lbs. (272Kg)


  • Construction with safety in mind: The Surge bench is made of tough, foam, and vinyl to give strong workout equipment for extended use. The design is small and stable, providing excellent support for regular workouts. High-quality steel construction and ergonomic design make it safe and pleasant to use.
  • Preacher Curl: Preacher curls take better aim at your biceps than regular curls. The Preacher’s curl pad and curl handle are the perfect add-ons to give you more control over your curls. The preacher curl pad and curl handle are easy to apply and follow with a single hand movement.
  • Dual Function Leg Exerciser: You’ll have no excuse to skip leg exercise as this exercise equipment has a leg workout station that allows you to build muscle in your lower body. This dual-function leg development has a locking mechanism that allows you to execute stomach workouts too.
  • Adjustable Bar & Squat Bar Catch: Catch height is adjustable, allowing the bar to be reached from a variety of sitting or lying positions for a safe and effective exercise.


A Bench with Multiple Functions has five back pad positions: inclination, decline, flat, and upright support in the isolation and development of all parts of the pecs and place the body in an optimum posture throughout the bench press session, eliminating risks and maximising training time.


If you are a technical person, you will find installing the bench will be easy, but most people will find it difficult to understand the manual. Somehow they must improve on the manual with understandable numbering of parts for easy sequence of installing.


Contoured foam roller pads, adjustable bar catches, akimbo-style crutches with diamond striker plates, and two Olympic weight storage posts are also included.

The bench spans 83 x 47 x 61 inches (L x W x H) and is designed to hold Olympic-size barbells and weight plates. It comes with a two-year limited warranty on parts.


The Marcy MD 857 Olympic bench allows you to work your chest, shoulders, biceps, legs, and other muscles without having to lug yourself to the gym every day. The bench’s adjustable seat and back pad move along a sliding track that positions the exerciser in the proper posture for military and chest press activities. Simultaneously, the bench incorporates an adjustable preacher curl cushion and a removable bicep bar, allowing you to isolate your biceps for increased size.

With Marcy’s Olympic Surge Bench, you can be sure to reap all of the advantages of exercise. This training equipment, designed to combine exceptional performance and maximum convenience, provides you with a gym station right in the comfort of your own home. To get your desired body form, you must work hard, be disciplined, and use the greatest training equipment.

Look no further if you’re looking for a weight bench for your house. The Olympic Weight Bench by Marcy is the best on the market.

A stronger body for just a little cost right at home. Overall a good buy.

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