FF Finer Form Multi-Functional FID Weight Bench Review

FF Finer Form Multi-Functional FID Weight Bench Review

The FF Finer Form Multi-Functional FID Weight Bench is an all-in-one gym value, allowing you to build your own home gym. The adjustable weight bench is intended for full-body workouts that will shape your arms, abs, back, chest, glutes, hamstrings, and core: 

FF Finer Form Multi-Functional FID Weight Bench.
FF Finer Form Multi-Functional FID Weight Bench.

Another wonderful multifunctional weight bench from Finer Form. They have developed a line of home gym equipment that’s affordable but also fits your needs and your schedule.

Built to their exacting standards and comparable to commercial equipment, Finer Form gives you the quality workout experience you get at the gym, right from your home.

It’s lightweight and portable, making it ideal for a home gym. It includes a flat, incline, decline (FID) bench, an ab bench, a preacher’s curl bench, and a hyperextension bench. That’s a lot of functionality from a single piece of bench.

The earlier model, which was doing so well, did not have the incline function, so they have added this add-on to make it more functional for the benefit of exercisers who want more challenges.


BrandFF Finer Form
ModelMulti Functional FID Weight Bench
Item Weight50 Pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH56 x 25 x 18 inches
StyleMultifunctional including Abs
Weight Capacity1000 pounds (454 kg), Static

Here is a short video on the Multi Functional FID Weight Bench


  • Construction with safety in mind: This bench has a 1,000-pound weight capacity and a larger bench pad to suit taller people. It is made of powder-coated, high-grade steel and is suitable for both bodyweight exercises and barbell or dumbbell training. There is no wobbling or shaking while you exercise.
  • A Design That Lets You Work More: During a wide range of workouts, it provides continuous support and comfort for the lower back and abdominals. The bench is ideal for dumbbell and barbell exercises. You can simply shift from workout to exercise with the help of a detachable hip pad and seat adjustment options.
  • Free Workout Guide: With a purchase, you will get a free PDF workout guide with dozens of awesome exercises you can do on your new multi-functional exercise bench.
  • Instructions: Some might find the instructions difficult to understand, but they can always get back in touch with the service department if they run into problems.


The Finer Form bench is an adjustable FID bench (8 settings inclusive of flat, incline, decline). You have the option to select from 11 different heights for the preacher curl and hyperextension pad settings. It can also become an ab bench and a hyperextension bench. The leg pads are adjustable up to four settings, allowing you to move them up and down.


As the instructions are not clear, some might find difficulty in installing the many different parts, bolts, and nuts, as if they go to the wrong place, you have to dismantle again to correct it.


The bench is so versatile that it can do all the workouts one desires with safety and peace of mind and, most importantly, results are seen. The free workout charts help you to get an overview of what this bench can do quickly.

It is a FID bench, an ab bench, a preacher’s curl bench, a hyperextension bench, and more. That’s a lot of functionality from a single piece of bench. 


This newly designed Multi-Functional bench from Finer Form is perfect for nearly any workout at your home or office. It is an upgrade from the well-received earlier bench that did not have the incline function. It is so versatile that most workouts can be done on this machine.

Some may find the bench a little too pricey, but that comes with the quality and functionality.

If the Finer Form Multi-Functional FID Weight Bench is suitable for you, click here to read more and get it.

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