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Beneta Adjustable Weight Bench (Low Cost for Home Gym)

The Beneta adjustable weight bench is the best low-cost adjustable bench for your home gym. It was developed in partnership with expert trainers to meet the fitness requirements of most fitness practitioners.

Review of Beneta Adjustable Weight Bench

BENETA Adjustable Weight Bench
BENETA Adjustable Weight Bench

Beneta has specialized in the development of workout equipment for offline gyms with significant production experience, and has collaborated with them.

When each product is finished, it is put to the test by professional fitness personnel of various heights and weights, and it is sold with a 99 percent success rate. The highest priority is quality and safety.

It can be customized to meet the needs of various sports. Professional fitness people have been invited to try it out. The Beneta adjustable weight bench met the fitness needs of the majority of fitness professionals, according to the findings. It is a full-body workout tool.

It is one of the most comfortable adjustable benches for your home gym, with non-slip foot coverings and full foam foot pads that make it possible for full cushioning of the legs during activity for greater comfort.

The bottom tube has an expanded rubber sleeve that is safe and non-slip while not damaging the floor. A leather cushion that is both comfortable and long-lasting. The seat or backrest is constructed of non-slip, wear-resistant, breathable, odorless leather.


Item Weight29.8 Pounds
MaterialThickened Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH54.2 x 11.9 x 46.7 inches
StyleAdjustable Bench
Weight Capacity800 lbs. (363Kg)


  • Construction with safety in mind: This bench is made of heavy-duty thickened steel, fixed with triangular support principle, and the screw made of solid steel is selected for the adjustment and fixation. Beneta guarantee your safety during your movement, so as to make the bench more solid and ensure your safety.
  • Space-Saving Design: A folding weight bench that may be used for a variety of exercises and is simple to use. It can be stored in a corner to save room, whether at home or at work. You can keep it in the trunk of your car and use it whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Easily Folded for Easy Storage: When it is folded, the dimensions are just 32 x 12 inches and it can be placed underneath your bed or carried around in the car. There is an estimated 85% reduction in space.
  • Installation: Easy instructions and easy assembly.


It may be adjusted to meet the demands of different sports with a proper seat height, a 6-gear adjustable back rest, a 3-gear seat adjustment, and a removable elastic belt.


Folding the equipment for the first time requires some comprehension and practice, but once understood, it is a piece of cake.

The adjustment knobs must be screwed in once the desired angle is set. If not, the pins will slip out of the holes and the bench will fall. Although it is indicated on the knob and might be a hassle, for safety reasons it is a must.


Exercise is more comfortable with high-density foam padding and materials of superior quality. To maintain its firmness and stability, the Beneta adjustable bench has a triangle support structure and thicker steel. During use, there are no creaking or rattling sounds.

At the same time, the seats are comfortable with their soft and firm high-density foam filling that helps reduce muscular fatigue during a whole-body workout. Made of high-quality leather that is finely sewn, durable, and odorless. The leather surface gives a unique touch, protects against wear and grime, and eliminates the sticky sensation created by perspiration when moving.


You will be delighted with the bench’s durability and the high quality of the materials. The cushioning is substantial and feels lasting, the frame is solid and sturdy, the directions were clear, and assembly was simple. You will be pleased with the finished result.

It represents outstanding value for money, and you will not be disappointed with its performance over the course of months or years. You may check into other brands on the market, but this model will be the most pleasant tool when all factors are considered.

It is simple to assemble, safe, of high quality, durable and solid, with comfortable seats, and, most importantly, it represents good value for money. It includes all of the adjustability needed to do a full exercise.

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