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Adjustable Bench YouTen US-008 with 9 Incline and Decline Positions

Adjustable Bench YouTen US-008 Meets the Highest Possible Standard for Sit-up Benches, Having 9 Incline and Decline Positions. 

Review of Adjustable Bench YouTen US-008

YouTen US-008 Adjustable Bench
YouTen US-008 Adjustable Bench

This bench is a YouTen product that makes fitness possible and enjoyable for individuals looking to get in shape. They want to encourage active, healthy lifestyles, and their home equipment complies with all gym standards and never skimps on materials, ensuring safety.

This bench features an inclination, decline, and flat bench, and it’s durable but lightweight, making it ideal for my home gym.

It features a maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds and nine different ways to modify the backrest. There are four distinct ways to alter the cushions. Leg extension positions can be adjusted in four different ways.

Item Details

Item Weight38.6 Pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH44.5 x 18.5 x 44.9 inches
StyleAdjustable Bench
Weight Capacity1000 lbs. (454Kg)


  • Construction that is long-lasting: It has a heavy-duty 1000-pound adjustable weight bench that is perfect for use with dumbbells, smith machines, and power racks in any training environment.
  • Space-Saving Design: With a grasped handle and wheels, it’s simple to fold and move. You can move around your home gym as much as you want.
  • Warranty: This bench comes with a 30-year warranty on the heavy-duty structure and a 90-day warranty on the pad.
  • Easily Storable: A gripped handle and transport wheels make it simple to move around your home gym.

Options For Adjustability

There are nine distinct backrest adjustments ranging from 17 degrees to 90 degrees, as well as four different seat adjustments ranging from 0 to 20 degrees. Extra leg hold-down bar improves workout stability, and the extra two handles are ideal for Dragon Flag.

The Drawbacks

Many will find the adjustable bench has lots of wiggling between pivot points. This may be due to poor construction of the joints, and the confidence level on this bench is low, but none has failed. Most issues have been rectified by further understanding the right way of adjusting the bench by reading the not so clear manual given, or by a little understanding on our part.

You might not want this bench if you’re a competitive powerlifter or a professional bodybuilder benching ridiculous amounts of weight. But it works perfectly for the rest of us folks. It’s not super heavy duty, but it’ll be enough for 95% of the population.

Specialities Seen

It folds up simply and may be stored underneath a bed or in closets for maximum convenience.

With the help of the handbook and the simple tools included in the package, you can easily put it together. The large and small pieces are well-organized and numbered, so it’ll be simple to put together.


This adjustable bench has most of the features a gym adjustable will have, and it does its job well of withstanding whatever ‘beating’ is given to it.

Of course, home benches will not have the maximum robustness of those expensive ones, but for the price, they do their job well and suit many.

This is a nice addition to your weight equipment collection, and you will be glad you bought it.

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