Do I Need A Home Gym

Do I Need A Home Gym? Let’s Understand Quickly!

It has probably entered our minds during some of the work outs. The question has come up. Do I need a home gym? Many times, I have thought of setting up a home gym where I can workout on my own without anyone around.

My very own home gym equipped with all the needed equipment.

Let’s look at some of the thoughts I had and let’s understand the major points in getting a workout gym in our immediate vicinity.

What Is A Home Gym?

It would surely be nice if I could have all the exercise equipment at the gym center I go to, to be my very own without having to pay for using the machines and to be in one part of my house, maybe just in a room in the house.

Imagine when I feel like having a workout, without even dressing properly in gym attire, and exercising to my heart’s desire. Today maybe I will workout on a spin bike, tomorrow on a treadmill, following a goal I have set without any hindrance.

Anyway, that is a big dream to have. Some of us can achieve that, but most of us do not have the space and budget to get the whole list of equipment.

If you live in a small apartment or house, the dream of having a home gym is almost impossible.

Most of the desired equipment, like the treadmill, multi-station, and the exercise bike, will cost a lot. So how do we go about setting up one if we do not have the budget and space for one?

But there is hope. If you want to workout and keep yourself physically and mentally strong, you can start without any of the expensive equipment.

Maybe the first step is to identify a space where you can freely workout. If it is going to be in the hall area, then let it be. Most exercises can be done with simple tools and ideas.

I mostly started my exercises with some weights I could find in the house and improvised.

Just by having a TV with YouTube enabled, you are able to link to some useful and workable exercises. Let’s try this and determine if exercising is really what we want.

So a ‘home gym’ does not mean you need to get all the super-duper equipment to exercise. But let’s say you have the space and budget, then the option is what exactly you want to work on. Which part of your body do you want to build up stamina, build up muscles or strength?

A home gym is not necessarily a room full of gym equipment. It is the first step to understanding the concept of a home gym. OK, let’s say we have the space and money. What’s next?

Why Do We Need A Particular Equipment?

Gym Center closed

There are three major categories the exercises fall into, they are the strength related, cardio or endurance and the other the balance. You got to determine in which category you want to work on first.

Let’s say I have a knee pain, then I will scout for an equipment which can provide the right resistance to strengthen that or if I want to work out on my cardio than I will get the treadmill or the elliptical.

So it is imperative that this be first decided. What one wants to work on is the most important decision to make to get the right equipment.

So, as time goes by and you feel you need to work on some other parts of your body, then go for it. This is how most of us build our home gyms.

You can have the best equipment, but if you are not going to use it, then it is just a waste of money, space and time.

What Equipment To Have In The Home Gym?

Some initial equipment you can go for are the dumbbells and the resistance bands. With these tools you can workout almost many parts of the body. Make sure you understand what are types of workouts you can derive from it.

Both of them will not take much space in the home and will not cost much also.

Next if you have the budget and space go for the treadmill. Almost everyone in the family, from the oldest to the youngest can use the machine to workout daily.

Even a spin bike or a multi station equipment with many functions in one will do wonders with less cost and takes up little space.

One advice is go and look at the equipment physically and determine if this is the one I must get. Blindly ordering online will give you the wrong headaches.

Good And Bad Of Having Your Own Home Gym

In anything we do or have, there is always the good side and at the same time the negative side. Below are some of the Pros and Cons which you can look at.


  • You can workout as and when you want to.
  • You will save money and time by not going to the gym.
  • Time and money saved is an investment gained.
  • A very rare chance of finding an excuse not to exercise.
  • You have total privacy and can do all the funny exercises you wish too.
  • The most important thing is cleanliness. Chances of zero transmitted diseases.
  • By working out with family members a tighter bond is made.


  • The chance of meeting new friends is not there.
  • Missing out on friends and chit chats.
  • Learning new workouts from others and coaches in the gym.
  • Motivation for working out together, challenges with a friend will be lacking.

Again it comes back to us. What do we really want? Balance out on all angles and see where we stand. Don’t lose sight of our initial goal, that is to exercise and keep our self and family members healthy.


As we all know, working out on a regular basis is one of the best ways to keep our self physically and mentally healthy. And the best way is work out from the comfort of our own home.

We very well know that creating a membership account with the gym center and going regularly is a task which most of us will not do and eventually dies off. Initially it is fun to get to know the gym, meeting friends but as soon as it becomes a routine the motivation to continue going just goes away.

Versus if there is a home gym, we tend to push our self to workout daily, finding excuses not to do will be difficult. You can have the best gym in the world, at home or nearby gym but if you don’t use it regularly, you’ll get nothing from it. Consistency is the key to your results above all else.

In conclusion getting a home gym is the best overall idea. Go for it.

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