Best Home Exercise Equipment For Dogs

Do our loving dogs require daily exercise like us? It is a big Yes. In this post, we will discuss some best exercise Labrador catching its breath after a runequipment for dogs. Just like humans, dogs need all the daily movements it can get to stay happy and healthy.

We will not deny how this animal plays a major role in our daily life. The first one to greet you once you are back from a stressful work, whereby their love is enough to remove all the stresses which we encounter daily. How they keep watch and protect the owners from bad people and much more a dog can offer.

Exercising together with your dog gives the opportunity to build a strong bond and love which are difficult to explain. Only dog lovers will know and feel.

Why it is important for dogs to exercise?

In order for the dog to be with us for a long time in a healthy condition, it is important that the dogs get healthy daily meals and lots of exercise. Like humans need to exercise, the dog needs to go through the same cardio and all the physical exercises.

When a dog exercises, it helps to tone the dog’s muscles and also helps in the body’s metabolic system to function properly. Exercise can prevent injury by keeping the bones and muscles strong. It boosts the immune system and at the same time in weight management.

For example, it is common in some dogs of having hip dysplasia, arthritis or some sorts of problems on the legs mainly the hind legs. It is not proven but it can be said that dogs that lie around lazily within the compound without many movements tend to get sick easily.

The worst part is getting a good vet who can diagnose these medical problems to get them well again and on top of this, you have to have spent more time and money to attend to a sick dog. It also makes the whole family sad to see a family member suffering.

It is vital for its health and well-being. You always want the dog tail to be up, don’t you?

Daily if the weather and the environments permits, we need to take the dog out for its daily walk and to do its ‘business’. If you have a pet you are committed to taking care of the dog no matter what. Sometimes if a dog is not well, they tend to dig up certain grasses for its natural well-being. So it is important that a dog should be taken out into nature.

Now comes the difference between taking a dog out, as mentioned above and another giving the dog its daily exercises. It is very important that this is done so that no medical issues will get to them.

So a good routine exercise for the dogs is imperative and the type of exercise and how long exercises should be done varies from types of breed, big or small and the nature of it.

Things we can do for dog exercise

One of the best exercises we can do is to take them out for a run, some hiking or just a simple long walk daily. This is another good anti-stress workout for both the owner and the dog. By taking the dogs for a walk you tend to meet more friends who are like-minded along the way. Very good for socializing and curing loneliness.

Or if you have a big field compound you can get them to run around by throwing some ball or stick to fetch. You, your children and the dog will have so much fun doing all this. But having this luxury only a few of us have as most of us stay in a small enclosed home or apartments where space is a constraint.

Also in today’s world, most of us are so busy and taking dogs out for an exercise is one big chore. Also, if you are Owner spending his time with dog in competitionlocated in a place where the weather is bad and you are stuck indoors makes things even more difficult. So one of the best ways of getting a dog to exercise at home is to get them some kind of equipment so that they can work on it while you keep watching.

According to some statistics by APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 50 percent of dogs are left at home alone about 6 to 10 hours at a time during work hours. Imagine the ‘pain’ they go through.

Looking at solutions, you can share some fitness equipment you might have, for example, a treadmill. You can train them to walk on this tool and if you are successful then you have completed one big mission.

But for some dogs they are sensitive and some disadvantage of using this big human machines is that the motor humming noise could be loud and also some fur of the dogs might drop and get stuck in the moving part of the machine. And these machines are designed for two-legged humans only.

So an alternative solution is to get the dogs its own specialized dedicated equipment as outlined below for its well-being and yours. As you go through the review you will start to understand the difference between a human treadmill and a dog’s especially the sizes, guards, the length of the machine, etc.

Buyers guide – Some features to consider before getting a Dog Exercise Equipment for your dog

For dogs, the exercises a dog can do are walking, running on a treadmill, weights for muscle strengthening mental health exercises to help get them out of boredom or some jumps hurdle or some sort of indoor agility obstacle trainer. There are lots of gadgets out there and choosing one or two items to suit you or the dog will be a challenge. Here are some guidelines to look into and hope it helps.

Space – One of the first factors you need to consider is the place or area you are considering placing the equipment or the toys. You may consider having it in a shaded outdoor or a room dedicated for the dog,

If you are considering throwing balls or fetching some sticks or others. Then you have to take care that the dog while exercising does not break anything inside the house.

The treadmills vary in sizes, choosing one based on the size of the dog. And not all dogs will take to treadmill walking or jogging straight away. You need to have lots of patience and slowly train them to get used to a machine. It is not going to be easy but some treadmill comes with complete step by step instructions on getting your dog onto the machine.

Time – Will you or someone have enough time to spend time with the machine and dog? You will be surprised at the amount of time taken if you decide to venture into purchasing equipment. Initially, it might take about a few hours a day and gradually as the dog makes progress the time is shortened.

Budget – Saying goes the higher the price the better the quality and the result obtained. It all depends on the motive you have for your dog. If you intend to take the dog for competition than you have to buy a certain category of equipment, if for rehabilitation or just to exercise and keep fit than it is different. So understanding you and your dog’s requirement is important.

Training – All dogs can be trained to use all the products introduced below. Some will take a few seconds and othersProud Owner and Pet after winning a competition may take a few days. Some of the equipment comes with instructional videos and exercise programs which can be used to easily get them trained. The only thing needed is investing your time with your pet. You should never leave a dog tied to a leash on a running machine even for a second. At all times you have to be with your pet.

The below review starts off with different types of Treadmills categorized by the machine size, suitable for which dogs size and weight, the speed and resistance required and the quietness of the machine. After the treadmill review, followed by other cool equipment most suited for your dog. Some of these tools can be used for rehabilitation if your dog is injured or after an operation.

But remember nothing beats taking the dog out into nature, walking and running and enjoying the sights with people and different kinds of smell, hear different noises of people and other dogs and much more.

If you really can’t do it because of time, for safety reasons, the weather condition or environment than go for the next best thing as described below.

Here is a list of the top sellers to help make your pet training easier and fun too.

Reviews on Dog Treadmill

Reasons for purchasing a home dog treadmill is almost the same as humans, where we get some home equipment to exercise at home rather than outdoors. These reasons equal to our pets also, it is the best thing we can do to keep our pets in perfect condition.

Below are some dog treadmills which are the best ones in the market. It is based on good reviews by different owners and one main factor is the safety of your dog while using the equipment. Running or walking on a treadmill provides a convenient and safer alternative for many dog owners.

Here goes,

GoPet Petrun Pr700 Dog Treadmill Indoor Exercise / Fitness Kit – For Dogs Up to 44 Pounds

GoPet is an American Pet Products Association (APPA) member. GoPet became the sole US distributor of PetRun GoPet Petrun Pr700 Dog Treadmill Indoor Exerciseproducts including the dog treadmill. The focus of the company is to continue providing healthy choices for animal exercise as well as to provide the canine training and veterinary community with the finest in fitness and rehabilitation equipment.

The PetRun PR700 Dog Treadmill is designed for small and medium weighing dogs up to 44 pounds.

The machine measures 23W x 46L x 11H inches and weighs about 81 pounds. The machine can be placed anywhere in your home and is quite light to be shifted around. The running track of the machine where the dog will be exercising is about 16 inches wide and 28 inches long. Good enough for most small and medium dogs.

Your dog will easily climb up and down the machine as it has one of the lowest running platform, about 4 inches. It is professionally designed with all the safety features which are needed when you first start to train the dog. Your dog will get on board without fear or hesitation. The belt is also designed for its paws for good traction.

The drive system and the 1HP motor are so quiet that it will not create any humming or noise which will distract the dog. The running speed is from 1 to 8 Mph. You can watch TV or music while you keep watch on your dog exercising without any disturbances.

Some additional features it has been that it can be remotely controlled, has dolly wheels for easy moving, has a front metal eyelet where you can attach the dog and it is so well-designed that the paws do not get stuck in any holes or attachments.

There is very little chance of your dog falling off while using the machine. Even if it falls on its side or belly, it will just likely slide to the back of the machine smoothly. You can place a rug or a small pillow if you want to. There is a stop button on both the remote and by the side of the machine. But this stop button does not make a hard stop but roll to a stop at 0.5MPH. So this feature will not frighten or injure the dog in any way. There is also an emergency stop button.

Initially, when you first start training the dog you can use the eye hook which is at the front of the machine to attach a short leash to your dog’s collar. Start out with the lowest speed which is almost nothing until the dog gets used to the system. This might take a little while but once it is used to it, you can increase the speed progressively. Get lots of treats ready to reward him or her for every action successfully done.

There is not much assembly to work on once you receive the package and it has a 1-year warranty.

The Cons of this machine is that it has only a push-button to increase and lower the speed of the belt and it has no programmable intervals, monitoring or statistics to show how long or far the dog has run. For most of us, this feature is more than enough as we can do a manual timing and speed check. Another monitoring that is important is to make sure to start off with the lowest speed and gradually speed to the comfort of your dog. As this machine can go to a maximum speed of 8 MPH be extra careful especially with the small cute ones.

Overall the PetRun PR700 Dog Treadmill is one great very well-made product. Your dog will love it and somehow learn to insist on using the machine. You will at the same time get the fun and joy of watching your dog running around and exercising.

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GoPet Treadmill SmallMedium (<132lbs) Petrun PR720f

If you have dogs which are more than 40 pounds and less than 132 pounds you can go for this particular model of GoPet. GoPet Treadmill SmallMedium (<132lbs) Petrun PR720fThese model Petrun PR720f has all the features as the PR700 as above. Some of the differences as highlighted below.

This machine measures 25W x 70L x 11H inches and weighs about 100 pounds. The machine can also be placed anywhere in your home and is quite light to be shifted around. The running track of the machine where the dog will be exercising is about 16 inches wide and 52 inches long. Good enough for most small and medium dogs with longer gait.

Running speed is also the same between 1 to 8 MPH and the gradual start, the remote control is all the same except this model has the manual incline adjust and can be stored in an upright position when not in use.

The rest of the description is all the same as the PR700 above. Well if you have a bigger dog you gotta spend a little more.

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DogTread Small Dog Treadmill PZ-1701r

DogTread by PetZen products are the makers of the award-winning dog treadmill. They have years of extensive DogTread Small Dog Treadmill PZ-1701rexperience in the world of a fitness product, with research and manufacturing from the ground up with quality and service.

The DogTread Small Dog Treadmill PZ-1707r is recommended for small dogs up to 30 pounds. The dimensions of the machine are 44 x 21 x20 inches and weigh about 47 pounds, perfect for small dogs and small places within your home or others.

The running track area is about 29L x 14W inches only, although this machine will fit most small dogs there are small dogs with a longer gait which might not fit and the back legs running out the track.

The gait measurement of a dog is obtained by the maximum length when both the front and back legs are extended furthest. You can do a rough measurement of your pet’s leg spaced length while they are walking or manually extending them. If your measurements show it is longer than dogs with longer gait can go for the medium size treadmill.

The PZ-1701r model consists of additional features, attractive pet-friendly design, whisper-quiet motor and a naturally low profile running platform that is easy and comfortable for small dogs to get up and down the track.

The recessed treat holder provides a convenient way to dispense and hold treats useful during the initial stages of training. Each time the dog does something good you can reward him/her. It will remember the treat is in front and look forward to doing good.

The running platform with a low surrounding fence like provides a natural outdoor environment that dogs love. The motor is so quiet and there is no loud noise, vibration or distractions to scare any animals away. Moreover, with its wheels, it is easy to move the machine anywhere you what easily.

You can increase the training intensity manually from 0% to 14% of the platform by the flip bar provided. This actually simulates the outside terrain.

On the machine, there are no holes, meshes or seams seen where a dog might get its paws caught, one good safety feature it has.

The machine comes with an easily readable LCD console, where it has a programmable speed, distance and time for each workout. The speed can be controlled between 0.5 to 5 Mph.

With the purchase, it comes with a Training guideline brochure and an Instructional DVD. You will get some recommended programs that include core exercise components of cardio, strength, and flexibility while an alternating focus on a different part of the body in a week schedule.

Here you have the Red Start and Stop button. You have this on the remote controller also in case you want to stop the machine and have added training versatility.

And once not in use you can easily store the machine away inside a closet or behind a couch upright.

One Con this machine has is that you need to assemble the machine once you receive it. Although it comes with instructions’ but putting it together is a little of a challenge especially if you are a non-technical person.

In conclusion, the DogTread Small Dog Treadmill is a sturdy, attractive dog-friendly design and is a good investment you are going to make to keep the dog not only healthy, increases the dog behavior and also be with you for a long time, an ideal canine indoor exercise solution.

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GoPet Petrun PR725 Provide Excellent Exercise For Large Dogs Up to 175 lbs

Another model of GoPet PetRun, this time the treadmill is for large dogs up to 175 pounds. Get those lazy guys up and GoPet Petrun PR725 Provide Excellent Exercise For Large Dogs Up to 175 lbsrunning. HaHaHa, you will love to see them exercising. Some will even give out a pitiful face look but defer not, just stick to the program you have set. It is for their own benefit and yours.

But you can reward them with more treats, more encouragement more activity.

The dimensions of the model are about 90(l) x24(w) x16(h) and weigh about 137 pounds. It is heavy but luckily it has the Dolly wheels for easy mobility for usage and then storage.

There is enough space for even the clumsiest dogs to move on the running track, measuring 71(l) x 16(w) inches. And has a speed range from 1 to 10MPH. It is so easy to adjust the speed for a casual walk or a sprinted run.

It can be gradually started on the machine by the push-button controls itself or by using the remote control. At the same time, the machine has an incline adjust where the incline simulates the terrains in nature. It is also an added exercise to strengthen more muscles and lose weight in a shorter period of time. You will start observing the difference in your dog after a week or two of consistent workout.

This model also comes with side enclosures so that your dog is confined and does what it supposed to do i.e just exercising. There is also a metal eyelet where you can attach a toy to get the dog interested or just for attaching a leash so that it does not move backward.

The PR725 provides an excellent source of exercise for all large dogs that are energetic, overweight or when the weather doesn’t permit them to be outside. It is quite difficult to get big dogs to get enough exercise outside due to surroundings and people. And this model will provide the results you desire out of your loved one.

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dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill

DogPacer was created in 2011 and it quickly became the worlds best-selling treadmill and has won Top Pet Product of dogPACER Minipacer Treadmillthe year 2012/13 from the World Pet Association. They are featured in many Press and News channels. After the European launch, the dogPacer is now used by several police forces in Europe, search and rescue team, veterinary professionals and rehabilitationists. It is also popular among breeders and pet owners who want to give their dogs the additional workouts to keep them active and healthy.

The Minipacer is a dog treadmill which has been designed and engineered with the small or medium dogs in mind at the same time fits any small space in your home. It is made up of a strong carbon steel frame and can support dogs up to 55 pounds.

The dimensions of the Minipacer are 42(l) x 21.5(h) x 28.5(w) and only weighs about 48.4 pounds. With this, the dog treadmill is completely portable and easily stored when not in use. Just collapse the sides and store it vertically anywhere.

The running area, fixed inclined at 4.5 degrees, is powered by a whisper-quiet motor, is 16(w) x 38(l) inches and is longer than most machines, it covers many breeds even those with longer gait length. The variable speed is between 0.5 to 7.5 mph with 0.1 increments, accidentally increasing to a higher speed will surprise the dog and cause injury.

Additional features it has is that it comes with preset programs for the little ones. Once they are trained on getting on to the machine, you set the preset and machine will take over with variable speed exercising every part of the dog and the first thing you will notice on this machine is that the controls are by the side of the machine so that the owners can easily observe and control the machine.

As the front is also not blocked by any items, dogs can also get off the machine from the front easily.

Purchase includes a manufacturer’s 2 years warranty on parts and craftsmanship and a lifetime warranty is provided for the frame. One negativity about this machine is that the warranty covers countries with 110V outlets only and not the 220V markets like most Asian countries.

Once you received the package, putting it together is a breeze. Just follow the instructions’.

Overall, if you want to look for an exercise machine for your small or medium size baby, then the dogPacer MiniPacer is the answer. It is one of the most affordable, lowest-priced, highest value dog treadmill in its line available in the market today. Used by many owners, reliable and economical and you will not regret having one at home. The main thing is your dog will love the machine.

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dogPacer LF 3.1 Treadmill

Under dogPacer, there are two models to choose from. One is the MiniPacer we have talked about above and the other isdogPacer LF 3.1 Treadmill LF3.1 Treadmill. Just choose between the models based on the weight of your dog. Easy as that.

But if you are an owner with few breeds, having different weights of dogs than this is the machine to go for. It covers a very wide range from 1 to 179 pounds. You can also under observation and safety have two dogs running at the same time. You can watch the fun when both look at each other while exercising.

Designed with careful precision, it has a patented folding technology making it extremely light and portable. Bring it anywhere, even to places where it is hard to get the dogs to exercise or even to a place where a competition is held.

The dimensions when folded is 42.3(l) x 22(w) x 8.5(h) inches and the dimensions when in use is 77(l) x 27.1(w) x 46.2(h). You can compare the measurements and see how much space is saved for storage. Machine weight about 84.4 pounds. And it has wheels for easy movement.

The running track is 71(l) x 16.5(w) inches, a 1.5 hp motor which is whisper quiet and a computer with preset customized dog fitness programs. If you choose to especially at the beginning of training you can use the Manual options as well. All readouts are easily seen on the screen.

The variable speed is between 0.5 to 7.5 mph with 0.1 increments, accidentally increasing to a higher speed will surprise the dog and cause injury.

There are 4 incline settings you can choose from 5, 6.5, 7.5 and 9 degrees. Much more challenges from this machine for your dogs.

Purchase includes a manufacturer’s 2 years warranty on parts and craftsmanship and a lifetime warranty is provided for the frame. One negativity about this machine is that the warranty covers countries with 110V outlets only and not the 220V markets like most Asian countries.

Once you received the package, putting it together is a breeze. Just follow the instructions’.

The LF3.1 Treadmill is the machine to have especially if you are a dog breeder or owners of few breeds and having difficulty in taking them out for exercise. This patented folding, lightweight compact design will help to get your dogs in good health, happy and fit always. It is fully functional and results orientated.

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Reviews on Dog Treadwheel

Below are some dog treadwheels which are the best ones in the market. It is based on good reviews by different owners and one main factor is the safety of your dog while using the equipment. Running or walking on a treadwheel provides a convenient and safer alternative for many dog owners.

Suitable for those who have many pets including cats. They will benefit much from this machine.

We have seen hamsters running on cute treadwheels enjoying themselves chasing after something. Likewise, the dog treadwheels which are much bigger varying in size according to the weight of your pet.

Treadwheels do not have the power to turn them on and only based on how fast the dog runs. In a way, the dogs run according to their limits. Some treadmills have resistance settings to give some extra workouts.

Here goes,

GoPet Treadwheel ToySmall (<25lbs) CG4012

Another product by GoPet, the CG4012 treadwheel is meant for the extremely small dogs which are less than 25 pounds. GoPet Treadwheel ToySmall (<25lbs) CG4012This model features a cushioned, durable matted surface that protects the dog’s footpads as it works out to stay healthy by getting exercise at its speed and timing.

Another perfect way to provide your cute ones with an excellent source of exercise in the convenience of your home. The wheel features an optional brake that allows for the adjustments of resistance to the wheel to create different running speeds for your pups.

It has all the protection, so you can leave it inside the wheel while you do something else. Unlike the treadmill, you can pay less attention as you let your pup do as it wishes. And it has a training door which is so useful during the initial stages of getting your pet to get used to the equipment.

The whole unit measures around 44(h) x 30(d) x 40(w) inches and weighs around 42 pounds so it does not take much of a space in your home.

The running area is based on the wheel diameter and width that is 40(d) x 12(w) inches.

As this item is large and comes complete there is no free shipping and may incur some additional shipping charges if you decide to go with this product. There is a year warranty on this machine.

The GoPet CG4012 treadwheel is slightly more expensive compared to a treadmill, the reason being this model is of high quality and does its job as advertised. The good thing is that you do not have to look for a power outlet and little maintenance is required.

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Gopet Treadwheel – Indoor / Outdoor Exercise For Large Dogs CS6020

Another product by GoPet, the CS6020 (CS6018) treadwheel is meant for large dogs up to 150 pounds. This weight is enough to Gopet Treadwheel - Indoor / Outdoor Exercise For Large Dogs CS6020cover the majority of the breeds.

The dimension of this model is 70(h) x 35(d) x 65(w) and weighs 200 pounds. As you can see by the dimensions and weight this machine requires some space and not easily movable. More or less you got to find a permanent location to locate this model.

The running area is based on the wheel diameter and width that is 60(d) x 20(w) inches. Imagine a huge drum rotating. Scary isn’t it.

But it is one of the safest equipment to have, it features a cushioned, durable, matte surface that protects the dog’s footpad and nails as he stays healthy by getting his/her exercise at its speed and timing. No forced exercise to do as you find on a treadmill. And it has a training door which is so useful during the initial stages of getting your pet to get used to the equipment.

The dog can use the machine as and when it likes to do even if is alone in the house. No need for owners to be around. But an initial good observation is good to understand better how your pet does the exercises.

And there is tension control to control the resistance of the wheels so that the dogs will feel a different speed and tend to work harder. This is good to get all the muscles to work together to stay out of future medical problems. Overweight and high energy dogs will find this equipment good for a physical outlet.

There is not much maintenance to do on this machine, just a simple wipe with mild soap is enough.

As this item is large and comes complete there is no free shipping and may incur some additional shipping charges if you decide to go with this product. There is a year warranty on this machine.

GoPet CS6020 treadwheel is a large but excellent machine and owners who have used it has always nice things to say. The machine is of quality and well-made so it will be a little expensive. The best part of this machine is that the owner does not have to be with the dog when it is exercising.

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Review on Dog Agility Equipment

What is the meaning of Dog Agility? The meaning is the ability of a dog to change the position of its body position efficiently with the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance.

Normally there is dog agility competition whereby trained dogs go through an obstacle course in a race of time and accuracy with or without the guidance of the owners. In the competition, a set of standard obstacles are laid out in a flow where the dogs will compete.

These exercises have so much fun for the owners and the dogs, but the main benefit of all these exercises is that the dogs not only improve in their physical health but also their mental health. It also creates a bond between the dog and the owner, teamwork and also concentration.

The best part is that all these exercises can be done at home or a compound with the below equipment.

PawHut Dog Obstacle Agility Training Kit – Blue and Yellow Model D07-004

PawHut Dog Obstacle Agility Training Kit provides numerous advantages for your pet from nurturing the bond between PawHut Dog Obstacle Agility Training Kit - Blue and Yellowdog and owner, bringing out the best in your pet physically and mentally and at the same time an excuse for some exercise.

You do not have to worry if your dog will go through the exercises as what is needed is time from you to work out together. Every dog somehow over time will master the obstacles, that is their nature. In fact, they will enjoy the fun and the challenges provided. The key thing is they will be trained to be obedient and listen to every instruction given.

These are a set of obstacles that comes in a set. This set is enough to give your pet the complete exercise which is required and will keep its interest high throughout the training. Although this set is a miniaturized version designed for small space it has all the necessary training tools and activities to get your pet set up.

The variety of the equipment are, adjustable high jump, weave poles, square pause box, and round open tunnel. Also, included are the ground stakes and rope for securing your obstacles course in place.

The items are all lightweight and of high-quality material and you can set them up easily and store away with the three sturdy carrying bags included. The 190T polyester material will resist tearing and ripping during the exercise and training.

The Specifications are as below

  • Color: Blue and Yellow
  • Material: 190T Polyester Cloth, PE
  • Tunnel Size: 58.5″ L x 24” Diameter
  • Vertical Poles (x 2): 34″ L x 1.5″ Diameter
  • Slalom Poles (x 8): 24″ H x 1.5″ Diameter
  • Crossbar: 33.5″ L x 1.5″ Diameter
  • String Size: 94.5″ L x 0.25″ Diameter
  • Carrying Case: 35″ L x 35″ W
  • Net Weight: 8.2 lbs

The intent of the tunnel is to get your dog to run at full speed towards the entrance of the tunnel, run through it and get out as soon as possible. How you arrange the obstacles is all up to you.

You will need to get a bigger tunnel if your dog is bigger. You may need to measure your dog’s height and work according to that to see if the tunnel fits. But then some big dogs can be trained to crawl inside this tunnel.

The PawHut Dog Obstacle Agility Training Kit is an added activity program you can have at home to have the closeness with your pet. You can set up, improvise to fit even a room within your home to work with your pet. It is a great training tool for your dog, have fun and enjoy every moment.

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Above is all the equipment that actually works and of quality for the dogs. I will add more equipment if I come across some good ones. If you have any queries, tools or equipment you would like to share for the benefit of others, you can do so by sending me an email below. Much appreciated for sharing and for the love of all pets.

Have fun and all the love

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