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Are you looking for reliable home physical therapy tools that will be really of use and produce excellent results on some common problems we have? We can’t deny as we age or when we look around you will find people with so many ailments from neck, shoulder, back, hips, knees, ankles or someone recovering from surgery.

But most of the problems are mainly mobility of the limbs.

Physical therapists or physiotherapists are movement specialists and trained experts of the musculoskeletal system, they can determine the muscle strength and overall body condition and recommend what is best to get them to normal life.

Even if they are in pain, the therapist will administer ice packs, electrical stimulation and show them some exercises and stretching which they can do at home. This is better than taking medication which is known to cause further complications.

If patients just take a little moment and understand that most of these medical problems can be improved just by putting some effort every day by just getting some movements and not being idle. By doing muscle exercise you are also doing brain exercise leading to a better-motivated life of hope.

The reason for this post is I am introducing some best products (there are many out there) which will help you in your recovery. These are tools that deliver a kind of physical therapy massage which provides much relief to parts of our body.

Buyers Guide – Things To Consider When Getting Aid or Tool

If a rehabilitation center is near you and if you are comfortable to get to that place then that will be better as there are people and more tools to help you in your recovery. But if you intend to work alone or not so mobile than getting the right equipment will be a better choice. Anyway, in the long run, investing in some of the products within the comfort of your home, you would save money and time.

What fits me – First and foremost the product you intend to get must be related to what you want to work on. So it is directly related to the muscles you want to strengthen. If you have a shoulder-related injury than you might want to work on equipment which helps to strengthen the shoulder without causing further injury and so on.

Most of the equipment listed below is general and can be used on every part of the body for a total workout or you can just focus a workout to an area of your body. But if you workout often you will improve no doubt about that.

Space- Next comes to where in your home are you going to place the equipment. Is it convenient, will it trouble others, things you need to move around the house to bring it in? Once you have this worked out then comes the next important item.

Budget- First get advice from others or those having similar problems what they are using or ask the physio if there is any recommendation or type you need to get. If the need is terrible than nowadays you can work out some natural payment methods, but go for the best ones.

Presented below are some of the best equipment known to have helped lots of people. We are unable to cover all tools but hope that by the reviews and links below you can work out the best and to a full recovery.

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Physical Therapy For Upper Body Specifically Arms, Shoulders, Wrist and Triceps

New Powerspin Evo

We start with a little fun gadget, the New Powerspin Evo, a powerful, efficient upper body and arm exerciser which New Powerspin Evo Gadgetspeeds up building up of muscles or just toning. This gadget can be used for specific muscles or can be used as a general exerciser for the arms, triceps shoulder, abdomen and in a way a little of the whole body.

It weighs around 860g, 27.5cm in diameter, comes with free DVD, easy to carry around and no maintenance just wipe cleaning.

Don’t worry there are whole lots of video exercises showing you how to use this tool to build you back. The intention is to get the weighted steel ball inside to spin in a smooth motion around the circular tube using the centrifugal force, using the wrist and arm in coordination, in the various holding position. The faster and longer you spin the more intense the workout.

Initially, a little practice is needed but once you get the hang of it, you can use it anytime, anywhere home office or parks to your convenience. Even while seated on a sofa or chair.

It is a fun and easy way of exercising and very useful for those who are recovering from an accident especially if it is the upper body. The more you use the more you will see improvement.

Using the Powerspin is of Isometric resistance exercise, a static strength training, in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change much during exercise. One good example is a yoga pose where you hold a position without moving but a specific group of muscles is worked on unlike the treadmill or the bike where there are movements of muscles and joints. But in Isometric exercise, there is the contraction of muscles leading to strength building, the actual function of this product.

Initially, when you first try it you will get frustrated in trying to get the ball to spin especially if you are trying it with the non-dominant hand and wrist. A little patience and trying you will succeed.

Have one and try it. You will see the difference within a few days.

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Physical Therapy for The Wrists and Hands

Hand Grip Strengthener Workout (4 pack)

It comes with an Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener (22-88Lbs), Finger Exerciser (4 Lbs resistance each finger), Finger Hand Grip Strengthener Workout (4 pack)Stretcher (medium resistance), Grip Ring (50 Lbs resistance), Carrying bag and a link to an ebook on how best to do the exercises. With these 4 items, you can switch between them and not get bored doing the same exercises.

By regularly doing the exercises it will help to improve the handgrips, fingers forearms and wrist strength for those who want to recover or improve performance. Each of the tools will provide resistance to a different group of muscles respectively.

The following groups of people will benefit tremendously, those who are in sports especially sports using the fingers, wrist, and arms especially badminton, tennis, squash, etc. Rock climbers who need to build good grip, guitar, piano, drummers and musicians, bodybuilding, athletes, golf players, etc.

It can also help in hand therapy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, occupational therapy, computer users, trigger finger wrist injury, those who have gone through surgery and needs to rebuild the strength in the fingers, hands, wrist, those with Carpal Tunnel Relief, Tennis Elbow, Joint Pains, Stiffness, those having stress and much more.

The pack is designed ergonomically and fits small and large hands, elderly and young people, men and women both will benefit.

The best part you can use them in all places, from the home to the gym to the office or classroom. Since they are easy to use and affordable you can buy them for your family and friends as gifts. They will appreciate them and is something which will be part of them and you for a long time.

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NSD Power AutoStart Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser with Auto Start Feature

This is another equipment that has done wonders for the wrist, arm, and forearms. Very simple to use but effective and NSD Power AutoStart Spinnerhas produced positive results on the people who have used it. People who have had sprains, fractures or surgery, have used the tool for rehabilitation and recovery. It also works wonders for people who have Carpal Tunnel syndrome, racquet sports (tennis elbow), golfers, arthritis and so on.

Even those who do daily repetitive jobs, for example, those always on a handphone day and night will find some ache or stiffness (also called RSI) or racquet players who use the same strokes will find this gadget to be a reliever.

This ingenious invention has incorporated science and physics into it. The meaning of gyroscope is, it is a spinning wheel or disc in which the axis of rotation is free to assume any orientation by itself. When rotating, the orientation of this axis is unaffected by tilting or rotation of the mounting. The inner gyroscope and the set as a whole are precisely computers balanced and even at high revolution you will not feel the vibration and is whisper quiet. You will not feel irritated when using the spinner.

And the mechanism inside works together for easy starting spins on its own by our hand or wrist movements, produces an opposing resistance to the hand movement and like a generator it produces a small amount of electricity to power up the display and LED. So there is no battery to be installed.

On how to use it, it is quite easy. First with both your thumbs wind up the rotors, after a few turns, you will feel the tension building up. This is to autostart the spinner but do not release yet. Now hold the spinner on the hand you want to exercise and release the rotor and you will feel the spinner rotating inside. The wrist continues rotating in the direction as shown by the arrow on the body. And the faster you spin the more the resistance and faster the recovery will be.

The best part is by holding the spinner in different hand positions (diagram and instructions will be given) you can get some excellent training to strengthen the fingers, wrist, forearms, triceps, biceps, and shoulder. But always start slow if you just starting because of surgery or others and access yourself, slowly building up to a higher speed.

It is so light that you can take it anywhere you wish and exercise. Just a minute a day is enough to see some results. Try it and you will feel a little ache indicating the parts of the hands which are being exercised. By doing more each day is a challenge but the results will be the satisfactory anticipated outcome.

But do not compare this with the bigger equipment like the rowing machines or weights to give you the power resistance. Every equipment is built for a particular job and this gadget is focused on a specific focused group of muscles. And some may find it difficult to use the spinner initially but continuous practice will eventually get you moving.

Overall this wonderful gadget is not only fun, light and easy to use but does all the wonders for those who need it. It will be a good gift for someone in your family or friends. As this product will last a lifetime, they will always remember you for the beautiful gift.

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Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer (Wedge)

The Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer is an exerciser which is designed to improve strength, power, and speed in theMarcy Wrist and Forearm Developer (Wedge) fingers, wrists, and forearms. Athletes, musicians, rock climbers, badminton, tennis, squash players, golfers, etc will find this tool to give them the extra strength which they need to perform better. An easy way to strengthen the required muscles.

You can be confident of a product by Marcy. They have years of experience in health and fitness equipment varying from all types to fit all fitness levels and complete workout experience. One of them is this wrist and forearm developer.

Just slight on the exerciser, it fits all forearms comfortably with its easily adjustable foam grip making it a perfect piece of workout equipment for home use. Just by moving your wrist back and forth is enough to work on the grip strength the, flexor and extensor muscles and tendons. In one go each muscle group of the fingers and the wrist too get exercised. Those having Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel or Tennis Elbow will find this tool useful as well.

You can easily vary the resistance and thus you can adjust the right workout for your arms. And as day to day, you increase the resistance and doing the same amount of workout you know you are progressing and the wonderful feeling that your muscles are getting stronger.

The dimensions of the strengthener are about 14.5 x 8 x 6(h) and weigh about 8 pounds, it is so compact that you can carry it anywhere you want to exercise or store easily.

The negative part is that as you get stronger and stronger you will find that the highest resistance is not enough. But then you can set it to the highest and increase the time and do more strokes.

Another negative is as you do your daily routine you will get your forearm bigger and bigger and soon the Wedge will not fit you and you have to look for another tool.

For the work it can do, the Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer is a great product, gives you the best value for your money. And it can be with you for a long time to come. You can also sell it or give it away if there is no need for it in the future.

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Physical Therapy For The Back

Mueller Lumbar Support Back Brace with Removable Pad

Now something for the back. Our back is quite complex with lots of nerves and aches and pains can originate from anyMueller Lumbar Support Back Brace with Removable Pad number of causes from pinching off nerves, strains, sprains, muscle spasm, and disc or arthritic conditions. People, no matter man or woman, young or old, fit or unfit have or had experienced some sort of back pain. Some are severe and some get cured after some time.

And if you have back pain, sometimes the pain is unbearable and our daily life is affected, you just don’t want to move and feel like just lying down.

This back pain could have originated for the following reasons, muscular weakness of back/abdominal muscles, bad posture, wrong lifting activities, upper body heavy and bottom weak (seen in bodybuilders), Osteoarthritis, just to name a few.

This is where Mueller Lumbar Support comes in. Mueller is the one who coined the word sports medicine as they have worked closely with athletes to enhance their performance and improve recovery from injury.

The Mueller Lumbar Back Brace provides focused support and stability to conform to your back and provides adjustable compression for your abdomen and lower back.

With this support, it will help to reduce movement in the back and thus reduce pain. Wear this to do some gym workout to strengthen the back muscles. It helps provide relief from injuries and strenuous activity to keep you active.

Golfers and racquet players will find this tool to be so much protection and they will continue enjoying their game. You can just use it in the house for comfort, to the office or anytime you feel like wearing it. Or if you do the frequent heavy lifting than this support is a must to prevent future injury.

But remember always get the advice from a professional doctor and with the initial supervision by a trained physical therapist before you work out any form of exercise. Let them watch you do the exercises and once you are confident then you can do it correctly on your own.

Some features, it has adjustable back support with lumbar support. It fits a wide range of waist sizes and comes in two sizes from Regular 28″ – 50″ (71 – 127cm) and Plus 50″ – 70″ (127 -178 cm). And the removable lumbar pad cushions and compresses the lower back for concentrated support.

The dimensions of the product are 6 x 5 x 4 inches and weigh about 15.7 ounces.

Overall this is a great product to have to ease your back pain. It can be worn while sitting, standing for a long time and while exercising. With the help of this support and regular supervised exercises, it has helped lots of people to recover from back pain.

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Physical Therapy For The Hands and Legs

Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser Chrome frame

This Medical Pedal Exerciser is for exercising the hands or the legs. It is a gentle low impact exerciser and does not cause significant movements on the limbs.Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser Chrome frame Mainly used for muscle toning and those recovering from an injury eg knee, hip surgery. People having arthritis have shown improvements after using this machine for some time and they love it.

A physiotherapist will recommend this tool to those who need to move their legs or arms also to help in blood circulation. Very simple to use.

It can also be used by people who are doing a desk job or students who are studying. They can place it below their table and exercise or just place it on the table to do a daily routine exercise. Stay fit while you work.

The dimension of the tool is 15.75″(W) x 21″(D) x 11.75″(H) weighs about 6 Lbs and easily fits any small area and height. You can easily carry it along wherever you feel like placing the tool and getting some movements.

This model is a fully assembled unit and made with a single sturdy chrome frame with non -skid rubber platform and reinforced rubber feet to provide traction and security on any floors, tables or surfaces. It is safe and stable and you will not get the wobbly or shaky feeling while doing the workout.

You can easily vary the tension so that it suits your needed resistance. But note that this model is not for the fitness fanatics who want some rigorous exercise, this machine is only for gentle use. You can also reverse pedal on the bike to stimulate more muscles.

For maintenance, you can remove the tension knob easily and apply some lubricants regularly to keep it smooth and this depends on the frequency of use and time. Sometimes there is this squeaky sound that may be due to moisture or other reasons but a bit of WD40 will do the work of removing the sound. Other than that just wiping the machine with some water and soap is enough to keep it with you for a long time.

Overall this machine is cheap and will help in most rehabilitation exercise and the elderly who just needs some kind of movement. Just pedal away while watching TV, reading, knitting or other activities. Don’t forget you can also exercise the hands for similar reasons.

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Physical Therapy For The Knees

The Knee Glide

This is a very simple but highly useful exercise tool for physical therapy, those who have gone through knee The Knee Glidereplacement, rehabilitation for knee muscle tear (ACL, PCL), shoulder, rotator cuff surgery, and hip replacement. This equipment will safely strengthen all these joints from a harsh and painful movement to a relaxed movement just by using this tool regularly.

Those who have arthritis of the arms or the knees will also see some improvements by using this excellent tool. So will a stroke patient.

The super Knee Glide was created by physical therapists Robert Schrupp and Bradley Heneck for the rehabilitation of both the lower and upper extremities at home or in the clinic. The device slides smoothly and securely and is a low impact exerciser, and with minimal strength, just by placing the foot or hand on the plate and moving back and forth along the track you will get the movements you need.

It is essential that right after surgery you must get movements on those operated areas to recover fast. The device slides smoothly and securely, allowing for low-impact exercise. Some of the results you get once you use this equipment are increased range of movements, improved joint strength, improved joint movements, increased blood flow and much more.

It can also be attached to the wall so that you can work on your arms and shoulders if there is a need to.

But any therapy you intend to take must be with the advice of the doctor and a physical therapist who will show you the right way of doing the exercises. He will guide you on the right movements, the maximum range you can do, the number of times per day and other safety advice.

The knee glider is so light about 3 pounds and the maximum dimensions with the handle unfolded are 32 x 5 x 6(h) inches. It is so light and requires little space, you can use it anywhere you please. But please be careful of the surrounding, in case you get out of balance, is safe.

At a first look, the equipment looks a little pricey for a simple design, but the benefits and results you get are way above the money you spend. Once you recover you can sell it to someone who needs it, but I doubt you will.

It is a simple light useful tool and at moments of anxiety, this machine is a savior and all physiotherapists will use this to treat their patients. Every patient who has used it has nothing else to say but thanks to this fantastic innovation. It is sturdy and well built that it will last a long time. As people say simplicity is the key to every problem.

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Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer/Compact Strider (55-1610)

Are you finding something to work out your cardio and more of the lower body but do not know how or going to the gym orStamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer/Compact Strider (55-1610) outdoors is not convenient or you are finding it physically handicapped but want to sweat out. Well, this Stamina In-Motion Elliptical trainer might be the answer. It is compact, convenient, easily carried around, placed anywhere and cost-effective.

So you can get your exercises within the comfort of your home, office desk or wherever you feel comfortable. Just keep striding while watching TV, reading, or on your computer, while seated on the sofa.

Very convenient if you have a stand-up desk and while working on your computer you can get your daily exercise.

An elliptical trainer like the treadmill or exercise bike simulates walking, running, climbing stairs or hills with minimal joint impact especially the knees. So if you have just undergone a knee operation, replacement than this machine will help to rebuild the muscles around the knees to get you back to normal. At the same time your back, hips, ankles, and legs will work in coordination to build its muscles too.

With the advice of the doctor, being conscious and focused on your knees at all times, while doing the exercise is the best way to do a self-check and rehabilitate. Stop if you have some pain and consult the doctor. When I had the meniscus tore and I was doing the exercises and me complaining of pain to the doctor, he says to continue as pain is good for recovery. Now I am back to my badminton games.

Other than this machine can provide all a right upper and lower body with a good cardio workout, tone some muscles and burn calories. It can be used by all levels of fitness levels, from the elderly to the young and or those who do not have the time to work out or just as a strengthening hobby.

Some features of this machine are it can be used while standing or sitting, adjustable tension to vary the workout intensity, it can be used in forward and reversed motion to exercise more muscles.

Its electronic multi-functional monitor tracks your progress and it has a scan function so that you can see all your workout stats often enough. The readings will further motivate you to improve daily. The scans which are shown are the number of strides per minute (RPM), the total number of strides (distance), exercise time and total calories burned.

It has a stable and sturdy construction with textured pedals and nonslip endcaps. The space required to place this equipment is about 24 x 17 x12(h) inches and weighs about 24 lbs

It comes in three colors silver, green and orange. Pick the right color for your home or match your office environment.

Some disadvantages are that it cannot take a person who is over 250 pounds. The machine is generally quiet but over time you might hear some squeaking. That’s where WD40 comes in handy. Also, try wiping the dirt from the wheels first.

Some assembly is required when you first receive the parcel. But the instruction and illustrations are easy enough to put it together.

Overall the Stamina In-Motion E1000 or Compact Strider is a beautiful machine to have. It is full of benefits and has shown results on people who have regularly used it. Whether you are going to use it for rehabilitation, just a hobby to exercise or like to do something during free time this machine will help you.

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DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike and Pedal Exerciser

Studies show that more you spent time at your desk for hours without any movement will cause some muscular DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike and Pedal Exercisercomplications especially the back and the lower part of your body. Talk to anyone who has been at a desk job for years and they will tell you all the problems they have.

You might even hear about watches and smartphone which alerts every hour for you to go for a walk before continuing their tasks. Experts know that this exercise is vital for the well being of a person. Sometimes it is too difficult to leave and go for a walk especially if the job is urgent or it has to be completed within a particular time.

The only way out of this is to think of something which you can exercise while at the same time working. One of the best ways is since the legs are not doing anything, you can just get equipment to pedal away. There are some companies, institutions with the desk have included some sort of exercise cycle so that employees or students can exercise while they are at their work.

This is a way to be healthier, more oxygen to the brains leading to more productivity and higher energy level.. Think of how much a company or person can save because of a small investment. Studies have shown that people who exercise before or during work hours are happier, suffer less stress, have lesser chronic problems and are more energetic to come to work and thus lesser absenteeism.

Also if you have enough exercise while you are working you do not have to worry about exercising in the evenings or on weekends. You can use the valued time saved for other things.

One of the desk exercise bikes is the excellently build DeskCycle Exercise bike. It has a wide range of resistance levels (8 levels) and for a desk cycle, it has one of the broadest range which few other bikes have. The resistance goes from almost nothing to very high where most people do not want to use especially if you are at work. You just do not want to sweat while you work or study. So setting the resistance at the lower range is enough for a good workout without being uncomfortable in your working clothes.

The bike is whisper quiet that it does not disturb your neighbors. It has a smooth pedal motion so you can focus your attention on your work and not get distracted by the pedaling. This is accomplished by the magnetic resistance and the high inertia flywheel which is built into it. After some time you will start pedaling unconsciously.

As resistance is produced by magnetism and not by friction you will not feel any jerkiness, especially if you turn up or down the setting. And the flywheel is so precise that it silently spins faster than your pedaling speed and this inertia is the one which keeps the pedals moving at a smooth pace.

This smooth motion is critical to those who have arthritis, weak knees, to those who have gone through an operation and in the process of rehabilitation. So smooth and no impact that it does not cause any injuries or discomfort. And you can pedal it forward and backward to get more muscles to exercise.

It comes with an LCD that has all the basic trackings like the RPM, Distance, Time and Calories burned. This is enough for keeping you motivated.

The DeskCycle is one machine that has the lowest pedal height thus it is suitable for all desk height. Short or tall people can quickly adapt to this by adjusting the height of the chair or placing the equipment deeper in or in front of your legs and not knocking the desk while you pedal away.

The dimensions are 24 x20 x10 (h) and weigh about 23 pounds, so you can carry and place it anywhere to your pleasing.

The only problem you might have with this is sometimes the construction or the bottom of the desk will not permit the smooth pedaling of your legs as it might be low and hit your legs as you pedal.

At first, you will find it difficult to focus on your job and at the same time pedaling, but like everything else which we do in our daily life, it will become second nature. and soon you will be doing two things at one time.

Some may find it uncomfortable while working as they do not want to perspire but putting the resistance to the lowest and just pedaling slowly is enough. The key is to keep the body moving to stay fit.

Overall the DeskCycle is an excellent machine to have which will fit all needs and fancies. You know today’s busy schedules are demanding to find the time to get the exercise we need. Sometimes not only while working but this machine can be used while watching TV, using your phone, playing video games and other times when you are sitting and your legs are free. Stay fit while working.

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Physical Therapy Tool For Balance

Bosu Pro Balance Trainer

Now we will introduce a product which can be used for any part of our body. We can focus to exercise on a muscle orBosu Pro Balance Trainer group of muscles from the head to the toe. Whether you are looking for a killer cardio workout, building strength, improving balance and flexibility, fine-tune sports skills or just to get healthy and fit than the Bosu Pro Balance Trainer is for you. It can be adapted for use by the young, elderly, injured or athletes.

Those who are recovering from cancer or even patients with osteoporosis, weak or operated knees, weak ankles and much more with physical problems have gained from the product.

It is so versatile, so many variables of exercises can be performed on this tool so that each time it can be different. Therapists can come out with programs that get clients to stay in shape or get into shape quickly. It helps condition the entire body while improving balance, coordination and body awareness.

It is fun, non-boring especially if you are exercising in a group or with some friends. Show off how good you are and at the same time get a good workout with lots of sweat. Most of the ground exercises that you do can also be transferred to this Balancer for added challenges. The unit’s base is stable but the dome is not, that’s what creates the added challenges during exercises. Try standing one leg on the dome and balance.

You can also flip the dome the other way to discover even more challenging exercises. The exercises done on this dome is so challenging to master, thus it offers endless exercise options as your strength and ability increases. Even though the Pro is commercially based but it can be used in the home or small areas because it is small in size and can be moved around as it is light. It just weighs about 15 pounds and is about 26 inches in diameter.

If you have a fitness center, gyms, yoga studios, physical therapy, and rehab centers, or if you are a gym instructor you can come out with exciting fun elements that have fun and your students will enjoy them with lots of laughter and at the same time staying fit. This is another stress reliever when you laugh a lot. They just can’t wait to come back for the next session.

It is designed with strong burst-resistance material to withstand the demands of repeated heavy usage in commercial environments. So be assured that whatever exercise you stress on it will not cause any damage.

The Integrated training manual and the exercises inside the DVD which comes with the product, has so much of exercises for various parts of your body.

Whether used at home or the gym, the Bosu Pro Balance Trainer is built to last and delivers challenging, fun and versatile workouts.  Give it a try, add this to your collection, you will love it.

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In Conclusion

The above recommendations are sufficient for most of the physical ailments and there are thousands of products out there and reviewing every one item is not possible.

For posts on other equipment, you can click on the links below.

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If you have any questions or suggestions you would like to share please don’t hesitate to fill out your inputs below. We are all crazy for better health.

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12 thoughts on “Physical Therapy Tools 2020”

  1. I really enjoyed your article especially as it applies to so many people. Me, for example I tend to get a sore back if I sit too long at my desk. I can feel the strain being put on it as my body posture isn’t always correct. Would you recommend that the Mueller Lumber Support would help this? Thank you

    1. Hi Ronan,

      Yes, the Lumbar Support will definitely help. When you use it, the Support kind of consciously tell you to sit up in a correct posture.

      It is known fact, that if you are in a certain position for a long time, example sitting at a table, will cause back pain and reduced blood flow. Bet you have heavy legs when you walk after sitting for a long time and this will get worse as we get older and nothing is done.

      The key is as best as possible get every muscles in our body to move, including our mind.

      Thanks and all the best, let me know if you like further answers.

  2. What a great selection of home physical therapy aids equipment! You can find find pretty much anything based on the needs you have. I was looking for a good Hand Strengthener for my mother and the Elite Hand Exercise Kit looks like the perfect product for me, as it has all the pieces I need. Please can you put also any link where may I purchase this product?

    1. Hi Leo, thanks for the comments and proposal.

      At the moment I have not put in a link yet and I will add that soon. Yes the product does wonders for the fingers, wrist and toning the forearms.

      You can do a search on Amazon or other online portal and you can get one there. Hope your mother get well soon.

      Thanks and all the best and let me know if could not find any online.

  3. Cool to see that Spinner ball in your list. 🙂 I’ve got this device, mine is called a Powerball, for over 15 years. It’s very easy to use and a couple of minutes a day is enough. I’ve used it to strenghten my wrists and arms from the time I was biking professionally. 

    1. Hi Laura, yes it goes by a few name by different distributors and it just a wonderful tool. Wow professional biker, bet you are an expert in fitness programs and know what needs to be done to get better.

      Thanks and all the best

  4. WOW What an excellent post this is.

    I did not know about any of these gadget at all.

    I was saying “Wow that’s cool” to each one!

    I will certainly look for some videos showing how they work.

    At 55 I am starting to get back pain especially as I wake, so I am looking for something to help relieve that every morning.

    I especially liked the New Powerspin Evo. That looked fun!

    Of all the gadgets which is your favorite?


    1. Hi Tim, thanks for the brief query.

      Actually I will be adding some videos inside next. Yes the Power Spin is a good choice and will definitely help as you use it more and more. 

      I have a small gym and have some varieties of gadgets I have tried something like the Bosu Pro Balancer. It is fun. Love the Powerspin too.

      Can I add some experiences I personally had and how I got rid of back pain. First I bought a hard mattress, inside made of coconut husk. It is really hard and initially you will find it difficult  to sleep on it but once you get used to it you will sleep well and wake up without back pain.

      Actually back pain is due to weak muscles and you need to strengthen it. I have done it and I believe you will.

      All the best and thanks, let me know if you like further information.

  5. Good Morning Indra,

    Let me start by telling you that I am 68. I eat healthy food, live in the country so do garden work, and I have clean water and air. In total I think I am in a decent shape and do not suffer anything more than having grey hair.

    Reading your very informative post I realize there are a lot of helpful things to keep you in shape, things I did not know about.

    I have gone through the list and at the end found the BosuPro Balance trainer.Now here I must say this would probably do me good as I have, always had actually, problems with my balance. This is especially noticable when I walk down a staircase, I do not feel safe and wobble a bit.

    Previously you talked about Space, I have enough here in the house. Budget, well, I think if it does something positive for your health it is well worth adding it to your daily life.What do you think?

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi, you are 68 and can say you are in perfect health. That is a main success and a salute from me. I do look up to healthy people. And I agree as we get older we tend to have slight off balance from time to time. And the key is if you are conscious of it than you are at the point of tackling it.

      Yes the Bosu Pro Balance trainer will definitely help in concentration and get the right muscles to be active again.

      Muscles if you don’t use it will get weaker over time and variety of exercises will be the answer to stay healthy for a long time.

      Stay healthy and all the best.

  6. The hand grip strengthener workout would be the best for me so i will be the best in throwing Javelin, hope it will improve my  grip. I really love  the point of encouraging patients to make movements, and i think not only patients but  everybody has to make movements to exercise the brain as you have just mentioned.

    1. Hi, it will definitely increase your grip and with some stronger arm strength you will get better each day. Each game has it own group of muscles and while we enjoy and focus on that game we only strengthen that and the rest of the muscles may get weaker, the main cause of injuries.

      Are you doing this at professional level, if yes surely there is a program.

      Thank you and all the best.

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