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The Best Home Gym Flooring Option For Your Fitness Room

What is the best home gym flooring option for my home gym room where I can put my equipment? It can be either indoors, in your garage, in your basement, which is easily accessible, or outdoors, where you might have a small playground or play area for your children, or in other sections of your house.

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Home Gym Flooring

You are deciding to have a gym center in your home and looking at the possibilities of buying the right equipment for your home. But wait.

The most important factor to consider before installing this equipment in your home, studio, or outdoors is where the equipment will sit or what you will work on.

Or if you already have some fitness equipment that is there and is just on your home flooring, you should have noticed that it has caused some damage by now. Your concrete flooring, mosaic flooring, or parquet flooring surely has some sort of scar that is hard to get rid of.

And this flooring is bad for gym-goers as there is not much traction, it can be slippery, and it is costly to replace if damaged.

If you are staying in an apartment with a thin wall between you and your neighbors, the sound of your workout will irritate them.

So a good gym floor, depending on your needs and budget, is a must-have item before buying any equipment or weights. You need to have the flooring well covered before installing the machines, the weight racks or the multi-station, etc.

But the only problem we have is choosing the right floor covering for our needs. There are so many types out there, and all this will overwhelm you.

Also, between home and the commercial gym itself, there are so many variants. The reason for this is that you may be the only one using the home gym and a specific weight machine, whereas in a commercial gym, various types of people use them.

Let’s see how we can help you decide what the perfect flooring for your gym will be. We will break it down into the floor tiles, the materials, the sizes, and the pros and cons of each floor tile. Make a rough measurement of your floor space, and the rest is easy.

We will include reviews of some of the best gym tiles, mats, and rolls you can purchase online.

The most important question is whether you can install it yourself or if you need to hire a professional. By the end of this blog, you will have a comprehensive understanding of gym flooring.

Where Can You Put Home Gym Equipment?

Home Gym Flooring-Weight On Flooring

It is important to know where you would like to workout and what machines, weights, barbells, or other equipment you intend to have or already have.

Next, determine the place you would like to locate this equipment. It can be in any part of your house, or you may have the third floor of your landed property you would like to convert just for gym activities or a garage where you can house equipment easily and with the least disturbance to others. Alternatively, you may wish to transform a garden area into a suitable environment for both your children and yourself.

Installing a suitable playground mat will be wonderful for your children, as there will be fewer injuries if they fall while playing.

Next, the current flooring you have. If you have concrete flooring, then this will be the easiest to install. If you have other flooring, like carpets or other soft flooring, then removing them will be the best option.

Once you have determined the location, you will take some measurements of the room. This recorded reading will tell you how much gym flooring you will buy.

What Type of Workout Do You Need?

Home Gym Flooring

The flooring you will use will depend mainly on the workouts you will do. For example, if you practice yoga, it has the best fit material. If you do weightlifting or use dumbbells, then there is a flooring tile with the right material and thickness.

Or you have sections in your gym room for weights, areas for stretching, a section for a treadmill or elliptical, etc. You can save money by not covering the entire floor but only the areas where it is most needed. Getting the right-sized mat will solve this. The room will look nice with different sections, and colors included.

If there will be some strenuous exercise on a treadmill, elliptical, or other machine, the material and thickness used will vary. But please do not get confused, as the reviews below will help you narrow it down to one good floor tile.

But if you have plans for a gym where many people will use it more often, with lots of walking in and out, then you need to get flooring with a longer lifespan and better durability. And if these people are frequent users and they perspire a lot, the amount of moisture on the floor is another factor to consider.

Most home gym equipment uses 8mm or 3/8-inch rubber-type flooring, as it is most commonly used for various workouts. More on this below.

Finding a Quality Gym Floor Mat Design Easily

The options we watch out for in flooring are top quality, cost-effectiveness, long-lasting, durability, and if it’s resilient to any accidental weight drops or if the smell comes out of the new installation. A foul smell can deter you from going into the gym.

They come in the form of tiles, mats, and rolls that are mainly made up of rubber, vinyl, foam, and carpet and come in a diverse choice of colors to fit your gym room. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Cost is another factor as it varies according to the material size and the form it comes in.

And the best part is, with little time and effort, you can easily lay the flooring on your own. Our advice is to go for the better quality as you are going to lay it out once, and home gyms are smaller in square feet, so it will not cost much.

With the reviews below on some of the best gym flooring, you can easily get your room ready the way you want it, in no time.

How Do I Protect My Floor From Gym Equipment?

We will give you all the best options you have for building a gym. We include a variety of coverings so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

You might just want some good mats to lay your spin bike on or do some MMA practice, so only you can make the correct choice.

Let’s see,

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

Item model number: BFPM-01BLK 

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat
BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

Overview: Small home areas.

‘BalanceFrom’ Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, comes with a non-slip, movement resistant top and bottom surface, excellent moisture resistance technology, is lightweight, easily washable with soap and water, and has interlocking features for easy assembly with a 2-year warranty.

The mat is good enough if your workouts comprise normal or gym exercises, MMA, gymnastics, yoga, and kickboxing, and it does not slip during quick movements.

So the mat provides maximum comfort and cushions the spine, hips, knees, and elbows. It is good workout flooring, and it protects the original flooring too.


Each package has the following sizes that you can choose from. To select the appropriate package, you must have your flooring measurements taken.

  • Each tile measures 24″ x 24″ x 1/2″ and covers an area of 24 square feet. Item comes with 6 tiles and 12 end borders.
  • Each tile measures 24″ x 24″ x 1/2 and is 1/2″ thick. This item comes with 36 tiles and 72 end borders, and it covers an area of 144 square feet.
  • Each tile in this item is 24″x24″x3/4″ thick and covers an area of 24 square feet. It comes with 6 tiles and 12 end borders.
  • Each tile measures 24″x24″x3/4″ and is 3/4″ thick. The item comes with 24 tiles and 48 end borders, and it covers a 96 square feet area.


  • High-density Eva foam, a soft, resilient polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate frequently used in flooring and components of sports equipment, is used to make the mat because it is high-quality, can last a long time, is safe, sturdy, and offers all the comfort required.
  • They are not soft but firm, and an adult can exercise on them without losing their balance.
  • The mat’s bottom surface is flat and has a non-slip pattern on the top side, which helps it adhere to the original flooring.
  • It is very simple to clean; all you need to do is mop it with water and soap to get rid of any dirt or sweat that has accumulated there.
  • We can easily cut the mat, which can be done easily with a knife, to best fit the corners of your room because of the interlocking design of the mat, which provides a tight fit and does not come out easily.
  • Its construction as a puzzle piece makes it lightweight and easy to connect and disassemble when not in use for convenient storage.
  • They are so versatile that you can use them in so many places; for example, in the garage, gyms, home fitness rooms, or children’s play areas. They are water and noise resistant, and if you have a music room, you can dampen the sound from traveling toward your neighbors. It also absorbs noise.


  • They can be attached to the floor without glue.
  • You can purchase the smallest quantity to test them out before adding more if you like.
  • It functions well with various pieces of exercise gear, including an elliptical, weight bench, treadmill, and others.


  • We cannot assemble this on a soft carpet because the soft movement of the carpet could cause the assembly to disengage.
  • Not waterproof
  • Not to be used outside

In conclusion, this model is one of the best and has all the features needed in a home gym. It is long-lasting, of high quality, simple to install, firm, and can be used in almost any workout.

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BalanceFrom 1″ Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat

BalanceFrom 1" Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat
BalanceFrom 1″ Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat

Overview: Home to small areas.

Another good model from BalanceFrom is the one-inch thick interlocking puzzle mat, which is excellently slip-resistant on both sides, soft on all your joints, but firm enough to keep you in balance during any style of exercise done at home.

It has excellent moisture resistant technology, is lightweight, easily washable with soap and water, and requires easy assembly; it has a 2-year warranty.

If your workouts consist of normal or gym exercises, MMA, gymnastics, yoga, kickboxing, or do not slip during quick movements, the mat is adequate.

So the mat provides maximum comfort and cushions the spine, hips, knees, and elbows. It is good workout flooring, and it protects the original flooring too.


Each package comes with 18 tiles and 36 end borders at 1 inch thick. Each tile measures 24 x 24 x 1 inch. They estimate it to cover an area of 72 square feet.


  • High-density Eva foam, which is “a soft, durable polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate commonly used in flooring and parts of sports equipment,” is used to make the mat because it is high-quality, long-lasting, secure, and provides all the necessary comfort.
  • The interlocking system is so wonderful because it is made of high-quality material and is carefully cut. As a result, the puzzle locking system fits so tightly together and won’t come apart unless you want it to.
  • The mat is non-slip on both sides, but the top side is patterned while the bottom, which touches the ground, is flat.
  • Each pack contains 18 tiles and 36 end borders, covering an estimated 72 square feet, and comes in three colors: black, grey, and blue, which you can match to your home environment.
  • As long as they are made for home use, high-density EVA foam is used to create the mats, which will give you quality and satisfaction for a very long time.
  • It is very simple to clean; all you need to do is mop it with water and soap to get rid of any dirt or sweat that has accumulated there.


  • To secure them to the floor, glue is required.
  • You can purchase the smallest quantity to test them out before adding more if you like.
  • It functions well with bulky fitness tools like a treadmill, elliptical, and weight bench, among others.
  • As soon as you get the hang of it, setup is incredibly simple.


  • It denotes that the mat is intended solely for domestic use.
  • Not waterproof
  • Not to be used outside

For those who are short on budget, this model is good value for money, being one of the cheapest one-inch thick mats to buy.

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AmazonBasics High-Density Exercise Equipment and Treadmill Mat

High-Density Exercise Equipment and Treadmill Mat
High-Density Exercise Equipment and Treadmill Mat

Model: IR97514-1

This is just a quality, high-density PVC material mat. The good thing about just buying the mat is that you have no installation worries. You can choose the area where you want to install a piece of equipment and lay the mat there.

The mat looks beautiful when laid on tile or wood flooring.

Instead of laying the machine first and discovering it is simply not suitable, you can simply lay a few of these around your studio and imagine the entire scenario. It is so versatile and multipurpose.

It’s ideal for putting underneath a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical machine, rowing machine, and other workout machines. Or you would like to do yoga, step aerobics, or other workouts.

Dimensions: There are three sizes you can choose, as follows,

  • has the following measurements: 72 by 30 by 0.3 inches (LxWxH) and weighs 7.2 pounds.
  • measures 102 by 36 by 0.2 inches (LxWxH) and weighs 7 pounds.
  • The item is 8.2 pounds and measures 72 by 48 by 0.2 inches (LxWxH).


  • A cushioning mat for placing under heavy fitness equipment.
  • Made of durable high-density PVC, the rectangle-shaped mat provides rugged strength.
  • It helps protect floors and carpets.
  • Great for step-aerobics or as a general aerobics mat.
  • Its sleek black colour integrates nicely into any workout space, coordinating easily with other gym equipment.
  • We can roll it up if not in use.


  • It is waterproof.
  • It does not skid, even if placed on a carpet.
  • Perfect thickness and durability for placing exercise equipment on.


There is a slight odor when you first open it, but it disappears fast.

This is a great mat for gym floor protection, and it is so versatile. You can just buy one to try out, and if satisfied, you can fill the whole room or anywhere else you wish to have it. It is a great bargain, plain and simple, and you will love this product.

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Premium Large Yoga Mat – 7′ x 5′ x 8mm Extra Thick, Ultra Comfortable, Workout Mats for Home Gym Flooring

Premium Large Yoga Mat - 7' x 5' x 8mm Extra Thick
Premium Large Yoga Mat – 7′ x 5′ x 8mm Extra Thick

With this buy and lay mat, you can easily transform any room into a gym or home studio. Just unroll these extra-large mats to transform any room in your home into your very own home studio or gym to work out any exercises like a yoga pose, meditation, stretches, a light cardio workout, or skipping.

You can even use this mat in garages, basements, and outdoors.

Introducing Gorilla Mats, a large yoga mat designed for performance and comfort. This model measures 7 feet by 5 feet, three times larger than a standard yoga mat, and if you need more coverage, buy more to easily cover the flooring you require. You can even cut it to fit all of the corners.

These mats are of high quality and designed to last a lifetime; they are made of non-toxic materials and are both tough and soft to provide joint comfort. You will never lose your balance working out on this mat.

Dimensions: This model measures 7 feet by 5 feet and has a thickness of 8 mm. It weighs about 13 pounds and comes in three colors i.e., Gorilla Black, Oasis Blue, and Acai Purple.

Other models with different sizes and thicknesses are available to meet your needs.


  • Extra thick and Ultra-comfortable – This mat laid on any flooring, carpet, hardwood, tile, mosaic, and concrete. By laying this mat no matter how hard the flooring is, it will comfort you and stable support. It provides plenty of support for your knees and all your joints.
  • Double-sided Performance Design- The double thick padding, with its unique circle pattern, sticky non-slip top and bottom will ensure that you will not slip and the mat stays in place. When you first step on to the mat you will feel confident to workout any exercises confidently.
  • Easy layout and Storage- The mat laid out easily or rolled up and secured with two storage straps. Just unstrap and unroll to transform any room in your home into a wonderful home gym.
  • Easily Cleaned – When you purchase the mat, it includes a 100% Microfiber Towel used to wipe away moisture while you exercise. You can use a little non-bleach dish soap and warm water.


  • Nontoxic materials
  • No latex odour or smell.
  • They are backed up by a lifetime warranty.


  • It’s a little pricey, but it will last you a lifetime.
  • You cannot leave it under the sun for a long period.

It proves that the Gorilla Mats give satisfaction and confidence to those who have used them. You can even make these mats into a great gift idea for yoga lovers, exercise enthusiasts, or even convert your friends’ rooms into workout areas. They will appreciate the gift.

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The Best Gym Flooring Options for The Garage

Now we come to the section of the home where the garage or basement is now more commonly used for the gym by most people. One of the main reasons is that it is spacious, quiet, and away from people, and you can work out without being distracted by it. The feeling of privacy while inside the garage.

Depending on the size of the garage and the budget you have will determine the gym flooring you want to invest in.

Below are some recommendations and reviews, that will make your decision easier.

IncStores 3/8″ Heavy Duty Gym Flooring Rubber Rolls

Model: 38rolls410 xx

These models come in rolls, are premier commercial gym flooring, are versatile, and are used in many areas for protective covering. You can even use it for pet flooring, locker rooms, basement areas, and mainly high-traffic areas.

This mat is suitable for a variety of workouts, including kickboxing and MMA, as well as treadmills and rovers.

As we sometimes use the garage for other things, one of them is parking the car. Like storage, this gym mat will handle the frequent movement and all the hard bumps of your weight dropping. It is like one mat covering all outcomes, even outdoors.

You don’t even have to cover the whole garage with the mat; you can lay it on an area of your choice where you like to workout and cut it according to your whims. Lay the mat loosely on your floor or place double-sided tape around the edges of the mat to keep it in place. Laying it out is simple.


Each roll is 4 feet wide, has a length of 10 feet, and a thickness of 3/8 inch.


One of the highest quality rubber gym flooring available, made of recycled rubber buffing and colored EPDM virgin rubber flecks.

Rubber buffing is the “Filet Mignon” of the recycled rubber industry since it is the cleanest, strongest, and most consistent raw material as compared to some of the discount recycled crumb rubber alternatives available.


  • Responsibly made: Our ⅜ inch Rubber Rolls made right here in the USA. They are also FloorScore certified, which means they are free of many harmful chemicals found in lower quality products.
  • Built for barbells: At ⅜ inch thick, they can withstand dropped weights from bumper plates during deadlifts and even from the top of a jerk. Dumbbells are a little trickier since the weight is so focused on one small area. If you plan on dropping some heavy dumbbells, go up to ½ inch rolls.
  • Waterproof gym flooring: Spilled water, sweaty workouts, no water is too much for these rubber floor rolls. If you need to be 100% certain no water ever reaches your subfloor, you can use a seam sealer between rolls, but it’s often unnecessary.


  • Just Lay: Lay the rolls into the place you desire and cut accordingly. Most of the time, the rolls are heavy enough for it to stay in place with no glue needed. This method is easy as you can roll it back.
  • Using double-sided tape: There are times the edges just do not want to stick to the ground and it might be dangerous if someone were to trip over them. In this case, use some double-sided tape to make it stay.
  • Glue-down: This is only if you are 100% sure you want the area fully covered and to stay there permanently.

Use a good carpet knife with an iron ruler to get the right cut and angle.


  • They can use it outdoors.
  • Easy installation.


Since it is rubber, it takes about a week for the smell to fade away.

In summary, 20ftx 10ft takes about 5 rolls @175 per roll

This mat is of the highest quality and can be found in almost any setting, from a home gym to commercial weight flooring. It is good value for money, and once installed, you do not have to think about flooring for a long time.

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ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat, EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, Protective Flooring for Gym Equipment and Cushion for Workouts

ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat
ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat

Item model number: PS-2301-PZZL-black 

Another ProSource Puzzle Exercises mat You can convert any area into a safe and convenient workout area for yourself or the family.

This is best suited for a garage or basement, but it can also be used as gym flooring in other rooms of your home.

The dense, textured EVA foam offers the perfect base for weightlifting practices, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other workout equipment. It not only protects the floor and your tools, but it also reduces noise and provides easy-to-install, non-skid flooring.

Each package comes with 6 tiles and 12 end borders for a polished look. Each tile measures 24inchx24inchx1/2inch thickness and estimated to cover an area of 24 square feet.

To measure your room accurately, to calculate the number of packages needed to cover the area.


Versatile Workout Flooring – It allows you to piece together a protective floor wherever you need it, design your room according to your conceived ideas, with the right tools at the right places for convenience and ease of exercise. You can use it for any workout, and even lay heavy equipment on it.

Adjustable Coverage- The interlocking assembly is so easy to assemble and disassemble, it’s great for other designs.

Durable & Water Resistant Cushion- This water-resistant foam provides a cushion for the knees, back, wrists, and elbows, and all the perspiration is easily wiped out with some soap and water. They built it to last for a long time, and the textured non-skid surface provides a good grip and prevents slipping during workouts.

Convenient Workout Flooring- The Exercise Puzzle Mat is perfect for working out in areas with concrete hard floors, such as garages, basements. If you need a safe and comfortable area to workout, but don’t want to redesign or install flooring at home or in your fitness studio, this is a great option.


  • Just Lay: Lay the puzzle pieces in the place you desire and cut accordingly. Most of the time, the mats are heavy enough for them to stay in place with no glue needed. This method is easy as you can dismantle it anytime.
  • Using Double-sided tape: There are times when the edges just do not want to stick to the ground, and it might be dangerous if someone were to trip over them. In this case, use some double-sided tape to make it stay.


  • It is durable and water-resistant.
  • Easy to lay out and dismantle.
  • There is no unpleasant odor.


They make it of EVA Foam (it’s a rubber/foam/plastic composite), as they make it of certain chemicals.

The ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mats are good for home use. It looks good, works well and is easy to assemble, move and store. Exercise all you can, and you will know with confidence that your joints, the flooring, and all kinds of shocks are protected from all kinds of shocks.

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Ideas and Installation of Gym Flooring On Your Own

As we have seen, there are three forms that the flooring comes in when you purchase it on your own. Either it comes in puzzle form, a roll-out mat, or just a section layout mat.

Except for the last one, which you just unroll and use, and then roll back for storage, which is so simple, the first two need a little work. You need to have some idea of how you will install them as easily as possible. Below are some ideas which, hopefully, will help you to get your flooring set-up with ease.

  • First, measure the flooring of the room you want to protect with gym flooring. Calculate the total square feet required by measuring all of the extra edges.
  • Next, go over the reviews and the packages they come with. If it is the puzzle installation type, divide the measured flooring with the package it comes with.
  • The same goes for the Rolls mat.
  • Once you have the package, just unpack it and place it across the floor to get an idea of a good fit.
  • You need to get a good carpet knife and a metal right angle ruler.
  • Do not cut until you are sure you have placed all the tiles or rolls and are ready for the final corner placements. Measure twice before cutting. It is better to cut more on the outside and then slowly cut in for a perfect fit.
  • Most of the time, anyone can lay the flooring with ease, but if you feel it is too much work or the area you have to work on is big, you can hire an installer to help.

Below are some videos for helping.

Video On How To Install Tiles?

How to Install Rolls?

Final Thoughts

There you have it. In summary.

  • Determine the area in your home where you would like to workout.
  • Determine the exercise or equipment you will work on.
  • Make the measurements of the floor covering you want to lay the gym flooring.
  • Look at your budget and the flooring you like to have with the options given above.
  • Purchase with confidence.
  • Once the package areas are ensured to be in order, work on the project.
  • Take your time and lay it out.
  • Be the proud owner of a self-made home gym.
  • Exercise to your satisfaction

If you have further suggestions or would like to share your experience laying out the flooring for the benefits of others, you can share them by giving your ideas.

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